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Pretty Little Liars

Sneak Peek: Party on PLL

We love that the PPL cast and crew are a bunch of pretty little tweeters. It means we're constantly getting clues about the upcoming season. Yesterday, we learned that Alona Tal will play a new character. Today, Director Norman Buckley, who is currently shooting Episode 1.14, handed us a plot point on a plate. He tweeted this backstage pic with the comment "Party at #PLL!"

So now we know there's a party in episode 14. What else? Based on the girls' intense expressions, something must be wrong. Of course, that's pretty much a PLL given. More exciting is the proof that Hanna is not only alive, but up and about to boot. We knew "A" couldn't keep our girl down for long.

Fortunately, the pic isn't the only info we have. Norman Buckley also tweeted, "I'm shooting another party scene on #PLL. I always feel like I'm the host and should be stocking the bar." Unless Norman has some odd ideas about what's appropriate at a school function, we're guessing this isn't a dance. That still leaves lots of possibilities. A welcome back party for Hanna? A charity fundraiser for a Rosewood bigwig? A swanky event at the Hastings' snotty country club?

Brendan Robinson (Lucas) adds: "Big day in Rosewood! I think almost everyone in the cast is on set today." With everyone on set, we can bet that some big time drama will go down, no matter what the party's for. With a new bad boy in town, the possibilities are endless.

Source: Twitter

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