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Camille and Kelsey Grammer: The Story Behind the Divorce

The real trouble in their marriage began earlier this year, when Kelsey moved to New York to star in the Broadway show La Cage aux Folles, leaving Camille back in Los Angeles with their young son and daughter. The distance did its damage, and Camille seethed after Kelsey allegedly failed to call his family on Father's Day. Kelsey claims to have called in the evening, but no matter what went down that fateful Hallmark holiday, irrevocable damage was done.

Camille filed for divorce on July 1, 2010, just as news came out that Classy Kelsey had been dating — and had impregnated — 28-year-old flight attendant Kayte Walsh. (Unfortunately, Kayte suffered a miscarriage in early September.) We hate it when marriages go so wrong like this, especially with kids involved, but we suppose the silver lining for Camille is that she and her philandering hubby never signed a prenup. Given that Kelsey was raking in over $1 million an episode toward the end of his 11-season run on Frasier, Camille won’t have to star in The Naked Detective 2 anytime soon.

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You know how sometimes when you find out a couple is getting divorced, you're a little shocked to hear it's over? Well, Kelsey and Camille Grammer are not one of those couples.

The two met in 1996 on a blind date. (Was is that hard for Kelsey Grammer to meet women in the mid-'90s?) At the time, he was still starring in Frasier, his second massively successful sitcom, and she was... someone who had appeared in Playboy 15 different times and starred in something called The Naked Detective. Indeed, it was match made in Heaven.

Don't worry: It gets better. Kelsey had already been married twice before, and one of these ex-wives was a stripper who fired a gun at him. Plus, he fathered a child out of wedlock and broke off an engagement in 1994 with a woman he met in a bar. So when he and Camille tied the knot a year after meeting each other, who could have possibly guessed that things might eventually go south?