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Dancing With The Stars

Sneak Peeks: DWTS Couples Share Week 4 ‘Acoustic Night’ Plans

Let's get ready to Rumbaaaa! Or maybe just watch half of the Season 11 Week 4 cast Rumba. The other half — okay, four out of 9 — will dance the Argentine Tango, which Cheryl Burke may or may not have an advantage in having just come back from Argentina. Tony Dovolani thinks he and Audrina Patridge will have the advantage because his now-hairless legs will reduce friction. (TMI!) It's also Acoustic Night, and if you want details on the set redesign, Corky Ballas has the scoop. He's so knowledgeable, he could get a second job on the production team.

Check out what else the remaining cast members told On the Red Carpet and ABC about their Week 4 dances:

Brandy Norwood & Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Rumba

Brandy is double-teamed in this video by both sexy Chmerkovskiy brothers. "He's the nicer one, though," Brandy says of Val. Maks is shocked. "Wow!" he says. Brandy: "He's nice too," Brandy says of Maks, "but he's [Val] REALLY nice." Maks was jumping and shouting in support of Val during his string duel with Mark Ballas on the Week 3 Results Show.

Brandy's favorite DWTS day is Wednesday, because that's when she starts to learn the new dance. Maks has big plans for their Rumba, but mostly he wants to keep the spotlight on Brandy. Maks: "It's going to be a lot of fun. I actually, I swear, just zoned out and I choreographed our first little bit of Rumba. We're going to be on fire. It's going to be great." Brandy squeals in excitement. Does she look forward to the really sexy moments or is the Waltz more her style? Brandy: "I'm looking forward to the sexy moments. ... I haven't had many of them in my lifetime so I'm looking forward to them, definitely." (Really? That's a surprise.)

What character trait will Maks bring out in Brandy on Monday? Maks: "I like to show my partners as versatile dancers. It's not just the move or the steps. I want to make sure that they translate the energy of the dance and what it represents. I would never want to see my partner do Paso [Doble] and have somebody confuse it with Cha-Cha. So our Rumba is going to be what Rumba is: man, woman, very hot, steamy relationship. It's going to be really sexy." Brandy likes the sound of that, adding her own little "Ooh!" Brandy: "I feel completely comfortable with Maks. I know I'm going to be okay with this guy."

Maks: "For me, Rumba, specifically is a woman's dance. All I am is just a door handle. I'm not even there. I want to make sure that she gets the spotlight. And I really want the judges to think about it really well this week and make sure it's not Dancing with Maksim Chmerkovskiy, but it's Dancing with the Stars and it's about Brandy. I want her to get that spotlight and that recognition, constructive criticism. It's not about me or my methods or anything else, it's about Brandy." Okay, but we doubt Maks could ever be a door handle!

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino & Karina Smirnoff, Argentine Tango

The Situation has been adopted by the typically older, female fan base that watches the show. Many women have told him they love him, that he's the sweetest kid and that they voted for him 15 or 20 times. "It's a really awesome feeling."

Next week they have the Argentine Tango. Karina: "I'll be honest, I've already kind of pre-choreographed half of the routine in my head and I think he has no idea what he's got in store for him."

Situation: "You know what, I never have any idea what I'm in store for. I trust her, she's a professional. I just try to be a good student, a good sport, be positive, as you know, and just do the best I can and show everybody that I'm working hard and that I really want this."

Sources: On the Red Carpet, ABC15


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Rick Fox & Cheryl Burke, Argentine Tango

Cheryl is still upset about jumping up and down for joy when she and Rick were announced as "in jeopardy" (not "safe") on Tuesday. "I just had the most embarrassing moment ever on television." Oops!

Superstition-wise, Rick doesn't like to prepare for the next dance before knowing he's safe from the last one. So on Tuesday nights he starts doing research. This dance is right up Cheryl's alley. Cheryl: "I just got back from Argentina. I went there for three weeks to study the Argentine Tango, so I'm excited to do it." Is that an unfair advantage? Cheryl: "No! It was on my bill. Anyone else that wants to do it can fly themselves out there too." Fair enough.
Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough, Argentine Tango

Tuesday nights are the most stressful for Derek, because that's the night he gets no sleep. He's wide awake, choreographing the next dance. Derek: "Next is the Argentine Tango, which is an exciting one. It's passionate, very full on. But it's going to be really exciting, because the whole set's going to change next week and that's exciting for me, because it's going to be different for me. We've never done that before, so it's inspiring."

Lifts will be possible this week, but Jennifer still has neck pain from her car accident years ago. She also had a cancerous lump removed from her neck last year. Jennifer: "I think we're going to stay, like, one or two feet off the ground." Derek: "We're not going to go too high with her, 'cause of the old neck here. ... I've got some things in my mind that will still be as effective, so it will be good."

How excited is Jennifer for the Argentine Tango? Jennifer: "Very. Very. I love this dance and I know nothing about how to do it so I have that excitement and also—" Her comment is cut off by Derek shouting "Whoa!" as someone off camera almost takes a fall. Talk about stressful...
Audrina Patridge & Tony Dovolani, Argentine Tango

It started as a lost bet, but now it's an addiction: Tony has waxed his chest, back and legs. "The only [hair] I have left is my arms. That's it," he says. "My whole body feels like a little baby's bum."

He thinks this will help their Argentine Tango. Tony: "It's a very feisty dance, it's very passionate, lots of flicks and kicks. But Audrina's going to have an edge now because I don't have hairy legs that she has to deal with."

says it's exciting to be top of the leader board, but it's also a lot of pressure because people will be expecting more from her. Tony is ready. "I'm already choreographing in my head." Audrina got the first 9s of the season and she's excited to learn all the stuff in Tony's head so they can maybe get the first 10s too. Audrina: "That's a lot of pressure on both of us now but, you know what, we're ready for it." Tony loves to hear that kind of talk from her. "This is why I have a full-on smile every day in rehearsal. She comes in with that attitude every single time. We joke, we have fun, but when it's time to work we work really hard and that's exactly why I'm so appreciative to have her." Tony deserves this reward, after last season.
Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas, Rumba

Mark gets an evil smile on his face when he talks about their Rumba. Mark turns to Bristol: "I'm dying to see you be like [does sexy pose]. Bristol: "He's got a lot of work on his hands, though."
Mark: "It's gonna happen. I'm gonna pull that hair and shake it all around. I'm just kidding!" (Oh my!)

Bristol is enjoying the challenge and being in the bottom 3 is motivating her to do better. Mark: "And it's Acoustic Week, so it's going to be, like, very intimate and like 'Oooh." What will people say when they see Bristol next week? Mark: "Goddamn! That's what they'll say!"

Florence Henderson & Corky Ballas, Rumba

Corky gives us the low-down on the set redesign. "The next dance is the beautiful Rumba," Corky says. "And we're in a beautiful acoustic setting, the entire orchestra pit's going to be gone. It's a 30-foot round raised stage off the floor. They're going to add 200 more seats. It's going to be a lot more intimate. It's acoustic, no orchestration. So it's a whole different energy and vibe. It's kind of like they used to do in Spain, just playing instruments, people come on the street and just start dancing to the music. So that's kind of how I see it being recreated."

Florence: "I'm very excited about it and I have no idea about the Rumba so he has his work cut out for him yet again."

Kyle Massey & Lacey Schwimmer, Rumba

What specifically about Kyle will work for this dance? Lacey: "He's a flirt, for sure, so I think that's going to be good for the Rumba. He needs to be romantic and sexy. But I think, you know, Len is really going to be looking at the hips and the feet and we've got to work on those, even though he thinks he's perfect, look at him." Kyle makes sexy faces, hamming for the camera.

Kyle: "I don't know what to expect, I don't know if it's slow, fast. ... But I know when I get there I'm going to give it my all, I'm going to try my hardest and I'm gonna Rumba, baby!" He drains the energy right out of Lacey. "Now I know how moms feel."

Kurt Warner & Anna Trebunskaya, Rumba

Did you know that Sen. John McCain voted for Kurt Warner? Even though his running mate was Sarah Palin? Those Arizona ties go a long way....

Kurt and Anna will next dance the Rumba. Anna: "It's the slow Latin dance and the next week's challenge is it's going to be Acoustic Week. Which means less instruments, so it's going to be almost intimate looking. And the floor is different. They're going to make it into a circle, versus whatever that is now."

Kurt knows nothing about the Rumba. "She told me it's about my hips and my hands." Anna: "I told him to YouTube a little bit. I said 'You Google it, the Rumba.'"

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