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SNL Recap: Jane Lynch Gets Naked

Did you think that Jane Lynch couldn’t possibly play a crazier character than Sue Sylvester? Think again! As the host of this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, Jane played a deranged psychiatrist who ended up completely naked... for some reason. Looks like Jane is a much better sport than we would ever be on national TV!

Jane was her multi-talented, hilarious self as always. The episode gave her plenty of chances to sing, including during her monologue, when she belted her own Glee theme song (which she claimed to have composed with her “co-writer Jose Cuervo”). Jane’s song was all about how important she is to the show, and she was even accompanied by track suit-wearing back-up singers. Sue would have been proud!

Of course, there was also a Glee parody. Jane played Sue Sylvester, who introduced the kids to new student Gilly (Kristen Wiig’s recurring SNL character). Mercedes was played by Kenan Thompson (!), who responded to a question from Mr. Schue (Jason Sudeikis) with a line from “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.” Schue addressed Kurt as “gay Kurt,” who was then spontaneously comforted in the middle of practice by his father. Finn was portrayed as incredibly stupid (he doesn’t know the word “believe,” prompting Schue to ask if they actually attend class; we often wonder the same thing), and Rachel was her hammy self, explaining that she lives to tattle. Indeed she does!

Jane played many other characters, including a closeted lesbian and a customer being hassled by a clerk who happens to be Denzel Washington, but we especially loved her as a sex-loving mother of a young boy (played by Andy Samberg). Can Jane Lynch host SNL every week? Because the show would be soooo much better if she did.

10.11.2010 / 12:34 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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