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America's Next Top Model

Fashion Hit and Miss Episode 15.5

Whose outfit was a knock out, and whose duds were... duds? Check out the Fashion Hit and Miss from Episode 15.5.

THE HIT: Kendal.
Kendal’s panel outfit had not “an ounce of dreckitude” as Tyra put it. From the perfectly chunky metallic belt to the beautiful waves in her hair, all of the elements worked together to add some pop to her casual black dress. Bonus points? The pockets. Having pockets means you have someplace to put your hands, which is an international symbol for, “This is a very tense/awkward/strange moment for me, but my hands aren’t visible, so you can hardly tell.”

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Everyone in those stunning Herve Leroux gowns. Each one was more beautiful than the last. Particular favs: Liz and Ann.

We’re tempted to criticize the outfits worn by the mask wrestling group Lucha Va Voom, but those seem to be an occupational requirement, kind of like doctors’ scrubs. Instead, we’ll go with Kacey for her oversized “I <3 Me” t-shirt. It’s not that she looked bad in it. We just have a particular dislike for any “I <3 (fill in the blank)” clothing – NY, LA, yourself, your mom, whatever.

RUNNERS-UP: Kayla and Liz. Yes, Andre, the black strapless dress and the shiny pink strapless dress suggested they were headed to the same cocktail party, but perhaps that was just wishful thinking on their parts.

Model Fashion: Herve Leroux
Dreckitude Moment of the Week: Kacey's Obnoxious Scream

10.12.2010 / 01:30 AM EDT by Lauren Bull
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