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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kim Zolciak Dishes All the H’Wife Drama

Kim Zolciak recently dished about Big Poppa, alleged ex-girlfriend, DJ Tracy Young, Troy, and a possible move to LA. Watch out, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kim might be coming to town.

She tries to put the Big Poppa line of questioning to rest, admitting to a happy five years together in a relationship that had simply run its course. Says Zolciak, “He's a great person. There are no hard feelings. I just needed to move on.” Even though Big Poppa’s identity has all but been revealed (Lee Najjar), Kim continues to try to keep him swathed in mystery, claiming that, although he was legally married, she wasn’t the mistress. He had long been separated from his wife, who didn’t even live in the same state, guys. Scout's honor. Plus, what about Sheree dating around while separated? Says Kim, “It's amazing to me that Sheree [Whitfield] was legally married and she was allowed to date, and no one gave her any heat, so at the end of the day, if Poppa had a marriage and relationship with his wife and I was his mistress that's one thing. He was a part of my kids' life. He legally was [just] committed on paper to someone else." Glad that’s cleared up, for Najjar’s sake. Forget dating a Real Housewife. A bewigged mistress is it’s own scandal.

Surprisingly, the token white Atlanta Housewife had only politically correct things to say about the prospect of dating interracially. Says Kim, “I've never dated a black man, and I can't say I wouldn't. I said before that I wouldn't because I come from an Italian Catholic family, but I have never been in that position. I've never gone down that path, and I grew up in Connecticut and there were maybe two black people in my high school. I didn't grow up that way, but love has no gender and color.” Her newfound openness may have something to do with her coming off the heels of a relationship with a woman, DJ Tracy Young, but Kim claims now the two were never in a relationship, saying they “were never like that.” (The cover of OK! Magazine begs to differ, Zolciak.) She claims, “I think that she is a great girl, and we have a great connection. She's still in my life to this day. I know Tracy and the controversy, but it was not that serious... People's opinion of me doesn't matter, and love has no gender. I had never been with a girl before, but I can't say I won't be with a woman again. I don't ask people who they sleep with. Why's my sex life so controversial?” Because you’re on a reality show, Kim. Don’t be dense.

Kim’s over Atlanta though. The only thing holding her back is Atlanta Falcon BF, Kroy Biermann. Says the H’Wife, “I want the hell out of Atlanta. I moved to Atlanta like 11 years ago, and my parents moved down here. I really wanted to move to Los Angeles, but Kroy put a damper on that. I have a lot of friends out there. Atlanta is fun, but the weather kills me.” Does the heat wilt your wig, Kim? Once she skips town, though, she wouldn’t be opposed to doing her own reality show: “I definitely think that might happen at some point. It just depends on where my relationship goes with Kroy and my life in general. I really want to go to Los Angeles. I have so many things going on that it probably wouldn't be a problem doing my own show.”

While she may have made up with NeNe, Kim’s less than sad to see Lisa Wu-Hartwell go: “I could care less. I was so tired of hearing about all those companies she supposedly owns. I wish her the best, but whatever.” The Hotlanta blonde defended NeNe’s crazy, as the two have taken to doing to one another in a recent trend, saying, “NeNe is a firecracker. Everything that is said or done, she has to go over the top with it. Screaming and acting all crazy. Dwight likes drama, too. But if you're in NeNe's life and she feels like you betrayed her, she just pops off at the mouth and doesn't communicate effectively. So, it's difficult when something does happen for her to resolve it. It's screaming and yelling and anger.”

But Kim doesn’t forget the choking incident, and definitely sleeps with one eye open, now. “I didn't sleep for days. I have never had someone put their hands on me. It scared the s**t out of me. I am incredibly claustrophobic, and she strangled me. I was turning colors, and I didn't sleep. I was a wreck over it. I had heartburn, I snapped at my kids and finally I said I did nothing wrong, and I now know what she is capable of. I never thought she would ever do that to me. I need to wear a bulletproof vest 'cause next time she might shoot me or something.” Sounds like an excellent choice in frenemy, Kim.

You may have heard that Sheree is trying to sell her line She By Sheree at a lower price point, but Kim’s doing the same with her wig line. “I'm still doing it, and I have made a lot of wigs for people but they are so expensive. They are between $3,000 and $6,000, and I am trying to find a manufacturer with wigs that middle America can afford, but right now they are custom-made and take three days. But the wigs you see me wear are from my own line.” Is someone going to take the time to explain to the Housewives that the reason their lines aren’t selling has nothing to do with the price point and everything to do with the fact that they’re not real designers? Neither are we.

Ultimately, it’s that frenemy relationship amongst all the Hotlanta Housewives that Kim says is the secret to The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s success. “We're crazy as hell and at the end of the day I knew Nene and Sheree before because we filmed the pilot together, and NeNe is hysterical and its always the three of us falling out, not speaking for six months and it's just crazy. But it's all for entertainment. Nene is super, superfunny, and Sheree is the diva. I think people can relate to us.”

Or we love to see grown, successful women yanking wigs and choking bitches. Whichever.

Source: Black Voices