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Maggie Q Talks About Nikita’s Fiance, Owen Elliot, and Fight Preparation

You may not be able to attend the Nikita panel at this year’s New York Comic Con, but that does not mean that you have to miss out on the spoilers and insights that hardcore star Maggie Q has been sharing at the event this week. See how the CW actress thinks Nikita’s life would have been different had her fiance Derek not been killed, as well as the other juicy tidbits that Q told Buzz Focus.

In spite of her character’s own dreams about married life with former fiance Daniel, Maggie Q revealed that she did not think Nikita and Daniel would have lived the fairytale romance that Nikita was hoping for.

“What’s really dark and sad about that whole storyline is there is a difference between what we are capable of and what we wish we were capable of,” explained Q. “And I feel like, even if [Daniel] had made it, I think part of her loving him was the fantasy of a life that she will never know. I’m sure she wants to be happy with the guy she met at a farmer’s market but that simplicity is almost way, too, too normal for her. Like I said, I thinks he wants it but I don’t think it could have ever been a really happy ending in that sense.”

As for whether viewers will see Nikita lose control of a few situations in the near future, Maggie Q answered affirmatively.

“Oh absolutely,” confirmed the actress. “We’re introducing a couple new characters soon. The next episode, 106, we’re introducing another guy. There are secrets and facets of Division in people that are at her level or even more highly skilled than she is. And she gets into some trouble when she meets up with this person.”

If you liked seeing Devon Sawa’s character Owen last week, good news: Owen will be appearing on quite a few episodes of Nikita to come.

“There has to sort of be the anti-Michael,” explained Q. “There has to be someone who comes along and makes the audience wonder whether she is going to try to rely on the feelings of the past or whether she is going to try to move on. And what that entails. And another thing for her is that it’s kind of impossible to be with the fiance character. It has to be someone who is equally complex or someone who understands her complexity in a way that she doesn’t. And so yeah, there is going to be a sort of challenge in the male arena coming up.”

Speaking of arenas, how long does it take the actress to coordinate her stunts for each of those badass fights?

“It varies,” said the Hawai-born knockout. “Sometimes I have no time whatsoever. Sometimes, I’ll learn a fight the day before or two days before. And sometimes I’ll learn in ten minutes. [...] There is so much effort going into the fights and I don’t use a fight double at all. I do everything. It’s sort of one of those things that makes the show very real to me. It’s something that I feel I owe my audience. It’s also something that I think the audience has learned to expect because TV is a lot more sophisticated than it used to be.”

That’s for sure. Tune in to see the episode Q teased, “Resistance,” on October 21.

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10.12.2010 / 12:39 AM EDT by Julie Walker
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