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Dancing With The Stars

DWTS Season 11, Week 4: The Situation is Eliminated

Each week, someone has to stop reviving bad '80s moves on Dancing with the Stars. Let’s look at who had that dubious honor on the Season 11 Week 4 Results Show.

Losers: Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino & Karina Smirnoff

We can now officially reclaim the word "situation." No more fist pumps. No more ab flashes. No more "We have a situation" jokes, even though they were stale by Week 1.

After The Situation's first dance, Bruno Tonioli compared him to a "jackass." On Week 4, Bruno called his Argentine Tango — to "Sweet Dreams," appropriately enough — "a terrible mess" that was really, really, really (there may have been a few more reallys) terrible. Len Goodman said his dance was consistent: "It was bad throughout." Carrie Ann Inaba said he couldn't even walk correctly, but at least he finally showed off his abs. Backstage, "Sitch" was upset at the negative critiques that did not take into account the fact that Karina Smirnoff was still alive. He never dropped her onto the round dance floor or into the audience. After a night of stewing, The Situation was put to pasture and Mike Sorrentino decided to literally bow out gracefully.

Brooke Burke asked if his frustration was a sign of how committed he had become to the competition. Situation: "I definitely was. I told myself, you know what, if I get eliminated today, I put it all on the floor last night. So … I bow out gracefully." Tom Bergeron wanted Mike to elaborate on the "heh heh heh" response he gave backstage when asked if the scores he got (three 4s for technique, a 6 and two 5s for performance) were fair. Situation: "I really hoped they really weren’t 4s, but like I said, it is what it is. I tried my best and at the end of the day somebody’s got to go home. It is the fourth round, if I made it to the fourth round, that was my best, I guess."

Tom then outed himself as a fan of Jersey Shore. He even asked his daughter if he could watch a marathon of episodes, which is something no grown man should admit on live television. But his point was that The Situation was different on DWTS. Situation: "Like I said, I give what is needed at a particular situation. I’m not a dancer. I tried to practice. This is definitely hard. At the same time, on Jersey Shore you get a little keyhole of who I really am. On Dancing with the Stars you got to see the whole Situation." Yes, we saw the abs last night. So now we can say goodbye.


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