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Pretty Little Liars

New Character Gives Emily Some Competition

Rosewood’s population keeps getting bigger and bigger. We first heard that Alona Tal would be coming to Pretty Little Liars. Then it was Tyler Blackburn. And now, rumor has it that a third new character will be joining the cast in January. Lindsey Shaw of 10 Things I Hate About You will appear in two episodes as a character named Paige McCullers. Supposedly she’ll be on the swim team with Emily, but she’s ultra competitive and focused on beating Em. Some teammate.

In episode 1.2, “The Jenna Thing,” Emily told Maya that “Winning is great, but if I’ve done my best, I usually feel good about the outcome, no matter what it is.” We wonder if Emily truly means this. Guess we’ll find out when Paige hits the pool and makes it her mission to be better than Emily.

The little liars are in for a rough year. This now means that Simone (Alona) will be standing in Aria’s way with Ezra, bad boy Caleb (Tyler) will be tormenting all four little liars, and Paige (Lindsey) will try to outshine Emily. We thought “A” liked to play games, but these newcomers sound just as difficult.



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10.13.2010 / 07:54 PM EDT by Emily Anatole
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