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Pretty Little Liars

Best of Pretty Little Liars Music: Get the Playlist

There’s no question that the little liars love music. Ashley Benson suggested ‘Secret” by The Pierces as the show’s theme song and Aria has some impressive vocals. Spencer has a great selection of pump up jams for when she’s working out and Emily might bottle up her emotions, but music is what gets her through. Given that all four girls have a great taste in music, it's no surprise that the songs featured on the show are pretty popular.

Your DVR might be stocked with all the episodes of Pretty Little Liars, but does your iPod include a PLL playlist? If not, you need to make one, stat. We’ve rounded up our favorite songs from the season to get you started. You'll find a player when you get to the #1 song. Happy listening!

12. “Crush” by Aiden Hawken
The lyrics might be literal for the scene (Spencer has a crush on her sister's ex-BF Ian and it flashes back to them kissing), but it works perfectly. We hope you think of all that drama when you listen to this song.

11. “Quiet Hearts” by Amy Stroup
Things are looking up for the little liars when this song plays: Alex and Spencer kiss, Aria decides to give Noel a shot, and Hanna and Lucas flirt, adorably. Maybe their hearts aren’t so quiet after all.

10. “Beauty Queen” by Ben's Brother
This song comes on when Aria and Ezra start chatting at the bar (before B-26 is played of course). Wow, the Hollis Bar and Grill sure has good taste in music — wonder if Mr. Fitz fed the jukebox before Aria got there...

3. “I’m Not Over” by Carolina Liar
Hanna and Lucas talk while he helps her sell designer duds online. This is the perfect hang out song as things pick up between the pair.

2. “Supabeat” by Sweet 17

Spencer listens to this song when she’s running outside (before she sees Jenna). We agree with her here, any song with “supabeats” is good for working out.

1. “Worry About You” by the 2am Club
How can you not have 2am Club on your PLL playlist? They’ve had at least five songs on the show, especially during homecoming. Get ready to dance.

6. "What I Like" by Jackie James
Just another sunny day in Rosewood. This song is played when Spencer is busy perfecting her field hockey swing and releasing her pent up energy. We’d play it when driving around, but whatever works for you Spence.

5. “2012” by Evolve

Things get heavy for a sec when Emily starts making out with Ben in the school parking lot. We much prefer Em with Maya, but we’d pick this song any day.

4. “Suggestions” by Orelia
“And just like that my life is broken” – that’s how Emily feels when she finds out Ali is dead. The other girls show up and all they can do is wait. “A” will offer suggestions soon enough.
9. “Siempre Tu” by Diego Boneta
Did you know that Diego Boneta, who plays Alex (Spencer’s boyfriend) is also a singer? His song “Siempre Tu,” was featured on 90210 and on PLL when he and Spencer kiss in the kitchen. He’s hot and talented, nice work Spence.

8. “All Those Pretty Lights” by Andrew Belle

After Toby slips Emily a CD at the grill, she listens to it blissfully in her room. You might have pegged him as the angsty type, but this song is anything but that. Toby and Emily form an instant connection over music and after you listen, you’ll know why. Belle’s songs have been played on PLL a few times, do you think Toby has anything to do with this?

7. "Fresh Pair Of Eyes" by Brooke Waggoner
What better song than this for when Aria is standing in the rain and Ezra drives by to rescue her. It’s sentimental and sweet. Cue the makeout scene.

If you’re left wanting more PLL music, check out all the songs on the show so far this season…
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