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The Vampire Diaries

Exclusive: TVD Executive Producer Julie Plec Answers Your Questions

When we asked you on Facebook if there were any burning questions you’d like us to ask TVD’s executive producer Julie Plec, the response was overwhelming! We’ve got answers to your top three questions straight from Julie. But don’t worry — if we didn’t get to your query, we’ll post much more from Julie soon!

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When are we going to get an answer as to why Katherine and Elena look alike? — Tammy Faulkner James

According to Plec, “We’re going to start to learn more about that in episode eight and nine. I’m guessing those episodes will air in the first two weeks of November.” She adds, “Those two episodes will blow our mythology wide open. And they’ll start answering a lot of these questions about what Katherine’s doing in town, what the doppelganger story is and how Elena ties into it. All the juicy things that we’ve been keying up all season.”

Does Tyler turn into a werewolf? — Ayla Lawrence

We’ve got two words for you, Ayla: Hell yes! The folks over at TVD promise that the Lockwood family curse won’t turn out to be a big teen wolf tease. In fact, Julie says we can probably expect Tyler to put the hair of the dog on his chest before Christmas. “I can’t be super specific about it. We’re still figuring it out. But it will probably be Episode 11, which will be the episode that takes us into the holiday hiatus.”

Plec wouldn’t tell us who it is that Tyler kills to initiate the werewolf transformation.(“You know I can’t,” she says.) What’s even more annoying? The date might change so we could end up having to wait until — gasp — 2011! “It hasn’t been set in stone yet,” Julie says. “But we’re aiming to send our audience out to their holiday hiatus with that.” What a wonderful gift that would be. We’re hungry for more shirtless moments already!
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Are Stefan and Katherine ever going to get together? — Tamatha Stone

Tamatha, you don’t really want to know... do you? We’re about as obsessed with the show as you can get and even we don’t want to know about that one in advance. But, we still asked the question, and Julie had this to say:

“Well, gee. I don’t know. But, boy, after I watched ‘Memory Lane’ I was starting to feel a little heat there. And I found that to be very exciting and very intriguing. So it’s certainly a question we’re going to be asking ourselves in the writers’ room.”

We. Can’t. Wait.

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