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Five Duets Glee Should Have Chosen

We loved some of the song choices from Episode 2.4 — who can argue with a duet by Kurt and Kurt? That said, there seemed to be so many duets that got overlooked, including a few crowd-pleasing favorites. Here are the five duets that would have made the episode even better.

Song: “Over and Over” — Nelly featuring Tim McGraw
Year it was released: 2004
Who’d sing it: Will and Carl
Why: This song, originally performed by the unlikely combo of a rap star and country music juggernaut, is about two guys reminiscing about a lost love. So why wouldn’t Will (doing Nelly’s part, which you know would make him happy) and Carl team up to sing about Emma? And the sooner we get to hear John Stamos sing, the better!

Song: “Under Pressure” — Queen featuring David Bowie
Year it was released: 1981
Who’d sing it: Finn and Rachel
Why: True, it’s hard to hear this song with expecting Vanilla Ice to show up and start rapping about waxing chumps like a candle. But the original is actually pretty incredible, featuring two iconic voices in Bowie and Mercury. We loved Jesse’s Queen cover last season, so why not let Rachel give her take on Freddie Mercury? Rachel and Finn are perfect for a song with a line like, “Why can’t we give love that one more chance?” With this unstable twosome, it seems they’re giving each other “one more chance” just about every week.
Song: “I’m Real (Murder Remix)” — Jennifer Lopez featuing Ja Rule
Year it was released: 2001
Who’d sing it: Sue and Figgins! (Who’s with us on this?)
Why: Sue as J.Lo? We’re so there! Sue would be ideal for lyrics about men being too insecure to approach her. And we love the idea of Figgins finally grabbin’ the mic and acknowledging his and Sue’s love-hate relationship (with an emphasis on the hate).
Song: “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing” — Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell
Year it was released: 1968
Who’d sing it: Tina and Artie
Why: How have there not been any Marvin Gaye songs on this show yet? (And we could say the same thing about Jennifer Lopez, too!) This week’s episode got us closer to a possible reconciliation between Tina and Artie, meaning this would have been a great song for the two of them to acknowledge their love. That is, as long as Brittany lets Tina have her man.
Song: “Unforgettable” — Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole
Year it was released: 1991
Who’d sing it: Kurt and Burt
Why: This song, originally recorded by Nat King Cole in the ‘50s, was released as a moving duet in the ‘90s with his daughter’s vocals spliced together with his. So why not keep the father-child motif going? We have yet to hear Burt sing, so we’re not completely sure that he could do Nat King Cole justice, but we’d love to see him try (and we’re sure Kurt would nail Natalie’s part!).

10.15.2010 / 03:16 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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