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Dancing With The Stars

Sneak Peeks: It’s TV Theme Song Week! DWTS Couples Tell All of Jennifer_Tango.JPG

Unless something goes horribly wrong, Dancing with the Stars Week 5 should be about as fun as it gets. The eight remaining couples will dance to TV theme songs from several different decades. Most of the stars share the full scoop in these video interviews with On the Red Carpet, even if the details have to be teased out. We'll be seeing two Quicksteps, two Foxtrots, two Rumbas, an Argentine Tango, and a Jive. Mark and Bristol are even promising something no one has ever attempted on the show before — and will never try again. Intriguing! Set your TiVos now...

Audrina Patridge & Tony Dovolani, Rumba

Warning: This conversation is like stepping into a parallel universe. It's as if Audrina & Tony have switched brains. On Monday they are going to dance to the theme song to her show, The Hills.

Tony: "The thing is, we've become like BFFs and we, like, talk gossip now all the time ... we're gonna have, like, fights and catfights and we're gonna talk the entire — what?"
Audrina: "We're going to express it through dancing — The Rumba."
Tony: "So we're gonna have, like, different fights and romance and everything else. I'm coming out in a bathing suit because most of the time I'm by the pool anyway."

Okay... Asked about favorite TV shows growing up, they both like Full House, Saved by the Bell, and the original 90210.

Audrina: "We have a lot in common."
Tony: "We do have a lot in common! It's like strange. We watch the same things. We eat pretty much the same things. She gets my humor, which does not say a lot about her."

This is unnerving. Is Tony the new Lauren Conrad? By the way, there will be no big screen version of The Hills or a reunion show, if Tony has anything to say about it. "The next show is going to be The Audrina & Tony Show. Watch this!"

Back to dancing. Tony really wants to impress Len, Bruno and the fans with this Rumba. "I want them to say this is the best Rumba they've seen. I want that."

Watch the video here.

Brandy Norwood & Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Quickstep

Speaking of TV shows, when Ukrainian Maks first came to America, he would come home from school having learned nothing because he couldn't understand the language. He'd then turn on the TV and watch Happy Days and Batman and other shows, to help him learn English.

On that note, will we love this couple's TV theme song? Brandy: "Yes, you will love our song. It's the theme song from Friends. I really love this song. I think Maks is going to choreograph a great step for the Quickstep." Maks is already correcting her: "One thing is a step, a series of steps is a dance." See what happens when you learn the language?

Now watch the video and see if you can read between Maks's lines about how not everyone is bonding this season as much as last season. Who might he be talking about? Did he not like The Situation?

Watch the video here.

Rick Fox & Cheryl Burke, Rumba

Cheryl and Rick play a guessing game to see if the reporter can figure out their theme song. It's from an '80s TV show. It's set in the workplace. It's award-winning. It's an ensemble. Not a sitcom. A basketball player was on it. It was a hit show. It's a detective show.... It's Hill Street Blues!

Rick: "It's a Rumba, so we know that's slower tempo."
Cheryl: "You'll be hypnotized by Rick's hips."

We always are!

Watch the video here.

Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas, Jive

Mark is being very secretive about their TV theme song. Mark: "I think you'll like it." The reporter says other people have shared their TV theme songs. Mark: "Well then they screwed up and they're going to get talked to by producers!" He does share that they're dancing a Jive to a sitcom theme from the 1960s.

Mark: "I think you'll love it because it will be very different. I don't think anyone's done this on the show ever, what we're going to do. Ever. I don't think anyone will ever do it again."
Bristol: "I don't think anyone will repeat it."
Mark: "It's a once in a lifetime thing."

Considering the high-pitched laugh Bristol gives at the end of this, we could be in store for a goofy doghouse/Paparazzi/Jake Pavelka-takes-his-pants-off type of "once in a lifetime" thing.

Watch the video here.

Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough, Foxtrot

They want to take it easy with the Foxtrot. It's not as full-on as the Argentine Tango, which earned them the first 10s of the season. They are dancing their Foxtrot to an old Frank Sinatra song that happens to also be a TV theme song. Jennifer hums a bit, but they are not handing over the title that easy. Derek: "You'll have to find out next week." Then they run away.

Watch the video here.

Kyle Massey & Lacey Schwimmer, Foxtrot

Their TV song for the Foxtrot is from the 1970s. They were born in the late '80s and early '90s, so it's before their time. Think guns and exciting. S.W.A.T.? Think the opposite, Kyle says. The A-Team? No. Charlie's Angels? Maybe. They burst out laughing. Lacey: "It's definitely going to be entertaining, let's put it that way." Watch the video to see Kyle kissing up to Kurt Warner, who passes by in the background.

Watch the video here.

Kurt Warner & Anna Trebunskaya, Quickstep

Anna: "We have a Quickstep. Not telling you the song." Any hints? Anna: "It's about a certain woman and a certain man being married and using frying pans." That kind of sounds like it could be I Love Lucy. Anna: "She does a particular thing with her face." Bewitched! Kurt watched the show growing up. Anna had never seen it before. She had to YouTube it for music ideas. She ended up watching it for an hour and she loved it. Now she's going to rent the whole series.

Watch the video to hear Kurt gush with love for his departed buddy, The Situation.

Watch the video here.

Florence Henderson & Corky Ballas, Argentine Tango

They are hoping to get The Brady Bunch theme, but at this point the song has not been cleared. If they don't get it, they will do The Addams Family. Florence says she wouldn't wear Morticia Addams's black wig. Corky says he would dress her as Gomez. Or Cousin Itt. Florence: "Look, I have enough trouble seeing where I'm going without looking like Cousin Itt!" Ha!

Florence says she grew up so poor, the youngest of 10 kids, they didn't have a television. When she got to New York right out of high school it was the first time she saw television. The first show she saw was The Ed Sullivan Show and she went on that show in one of her first TV appearances, in 1953. Flo: "I've been in television over 50 years and I love every minute of it. I loved it from the first time I did a show and I've never fallen out of love with it." We love you too, Flo!

Watch the video for more on Greg Brady's sexts to Mrs. Brady and how The Situation loves to break out his iPad and tell everyone 20 minute-stories about each photo — "and all the photographs are of him," Flo says.

Watch the video here.

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