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Jersey Shore

The Situation Releases a How-To Book

The hunt for stocking stuffers ends early this year: Mike’s new how-to book, Here’s the Situation, will hit shelves November 2. The sure-to-be instant classic is a self-described “guide to creeping on chicks, avoiding grenades, and getting in your GTL at the Jersey Shore.” If you want to get a jump on buying your Christmas presents early, you can actually pre-order the book for $10.12 — that’s almost $5 off the list price of $15!

The book promises to reveal all The Situation’s secrets to keeping it fresh to the death, including a section entitled “GTL Remix” which features advanced GTLing techniques (uh, like how to use the gentle cycle? Spray tan vs. tanning bed? Picking up chicks at Curves?). Order it for every dude in your life who needs a little help with his game. Here’s the Situation is guaranteed to instill confidence in even the shyest of guys, Jersey Style. Although here’s hoping he included a chapter on how to be a better wingman.

And hey, if your man isn’t necessarily the G-ing type, you can always pre-order Mike’s workout DVD The Situation Workout so he can achieve a situation of his very own in the privacy of his home.

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