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Darren Criss Speaks Out on Maybe Playing Kurt’s Boyfriend

If you think even Glee stars know who will play Kurt's boyfriend this season, think again. It's such a big secret that even the guy who might be playing him doesn't know.

“My guess is as good as anybody’s,” says newest Glee cast member Darren Criss of reports that he'll play Chris Colfer’s love interest on the show. “It’s a really big secret.”

Darren's character Blaine is an out-of-the-closest rival/friend to Kurt who teaches him about being comfortable with himself. The two meet in the November 9 episode when Kurt, who is fast becoming fed up with life at McKinley High, considers transferring to the nearby Dalton Academy, where Criss’ character is a student.

“I think Blaine’s most important role is…as a mentor to Kurt,” says Criss. “At this point, Kurt’s [sexuality] has been such a sense of discord in his life. Blaine finds [being gay] empowering. He embraces who he is, and sees Kurt [struggling with] the same things that he had to deal with, and I think he wants to impart that knowledge.”

Darren is hoping his role will be a strong role model for teens. “It’s great to see a strong character like this on a hit show that so many people are watching,” he says. “I can’t really think of any other gay characters on TV that are this young and sure of themselves. I hope all the kids struggling with this issue can look to a guy like Blaine and feel [inspired] by his confidence.”

Source: EW

10.16.2010 / 04:36 AM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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