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Maggie Q Whipped Lyndsy Fonseca Into Shape for Nikita

So how does a sweet young Hollywood actress learn to keep up with a martial arts star? By tagging along with said butt-kicker to her workout and doing her best to keep up, says Lyndsy Fonseca (Alex).

Maggie, on her own, invited me to work out with her for a month before shooting began,” Lyndsy told the Contra Costa Times. “We spent three hours every day at the gym, doing a lot of conditioning, circuit training, tumbling. ... It was crazy. One day, after finishing, I got in my car and I could barely hold the steering wheel. I was so shaky and exhausted.”

It’s a good thing Maggie Q prepared Lyndsy, because she says filming Nikita is hella hard.

“It can be very draining,” she admitted. “For an episode we recently shot, I get tortured. There was a lot of running involved and electrocution stuff. ... At the end of the week, I just want to collapse into the sofa. ... On the other hand, I love the stunt work. It really gives me a feeling of empowerment. After every episode, Maggie and I compare our bumps and bruises.”

And just as Maggie and Lyndsy bonded over intense gym sessions, Nikita and Alex’s relationship will grow stronger as well. Lyndsy dished, “We'll fill in the blanks. You'll see why they have such a strong connection. Alex also climbs higher and higher up the Division totem pole. And we've got surprises packed into every episode.”

Glad to hear it, L. And keep up those workouts — if you get attacked by a roving team of LA ninjas, we want you to by able to drive away unscathed.

Source: Contra Costa Times

10.18.2010 / 11:04 PM EDT by Melinda Taub
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