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Jersey Shore

JWOWW Takes Wrestler Down; Challenged To a Rematch

JWOWW finally got to release some of her pent-up aggression at her TNA wrestling match last Monday night. While she didn’t have a match of her own scheduled, she hopped into the ring for a hot second with Snooki’s wrestler doppelganger, Cookie.

JWOWW slammed the wrestler’s head into the mat of the ring several times during a particular portion of the fight that didn’t look very staged to us. Her opponent was even checked out by the medics on set afterwards, but she was fine. Says Cookie, “I really think that girl needs to look into some counseling. Her anger issues are obviously out of control...Then again if my face looked like that, I'd be pretty pissed at the world too.”

Ooh, them’s fighting words, Jenni.

But Cookie did more that talk some smack to instigate a fight. She actually threw down the gauntlet and demanded a rematch with the Jersey Shore tough girl. Cookie claimed that JWOWW only won the fight because it was four-on-one. She challenges, "If [JWOWW] wasn't scared she'd come fight me again ... but obviously she's scared for a good reason, she's not gonna come back."

What do you say, JWOWW? May we suggest you wear some Filthy Couture lingerie on your next appearance in the ring to show off your “dollar store funbags”?

Source: TMZ

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10.19.2010 / 11:58 PM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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