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Jersey Shore

The Situation’s Response To South Park Spoof

Evidently, Mike was a little behind the times and didn’t realize South Park had aired a Jersey Shore-spoofing episode entitled “It’s a Jersey Thing” until his friends gave him the heads up. He had just gotten back to the east coast after ending his DWTS gig, and hit a packed, shmancy NYC restaurant with his buds, who then sprang the news on him that he had been cartoonified. The Sitch pulled out his iPad right then and there and watched the episode in its entirety over dinner. An observer said he was watching throughout the whole meal, and, while he stayed pretty quiet the rest of the night, he tweeted that he thought the spoof was “hilarious.” Hmm, was Mike a little cranky about his portrayal?

Snooki reacted slightly better to the satire, tweeting, “snooki want smoosh smoosh. im going to have nightmares tonight lmao!!! we've officially made it. goodnite my bitches!” in response to the episode. Considering South Park’s portrayal of Snookers was way harsher than their portrayal of The Sitch, we sort of think he’s taking it a little hard, don’t you?

Source: Pop Eater


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10.19.2010 / 11:17 PM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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