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Dancing With The Stars

Costume Hits & Misses: DWTS Season 11, Week 5

Costumes can really make or break a dance. Let's take a look at which couples went right and which ones went so very wrong on Dancing with the Stars Season 11 Week 5.


Brandy & Maks

We would totally be Friends with Brandy in this super cute black dress with its hot pink bow. Her hair looks perfect pulled back like this. All the better to show off those gorgeous earrings. Even the little black shoes are cute. Clean-shaven, poofy-haired Maks looks goofy, but still adorable.

Florence & Corky

Once Flo takes off that hideous plaid nightgown/jacket, she shines in this classy, sparkling gold gown. Corky keeps it simple in a basic suit.

Jennifer & Derek

The color palette is a bit muted, but the retro style of their white, gold and tan Mr. Rogers meets June Cleaver ensemble has us feeling warm and fuzzy about the '50s. They both have the slim builds to make these clothes look cute and perky instead of drab and dated.

Kyle & Lacey

Yeah, they look ridiculous. The Farrah hair. The fro. The stache. This is what you wear for a parody of a bad '70s TV show. And that's the point! Kyle has us smiling even before he starts dancing. And Lacey's booty curves have never been shown off better. Len can stuff his disses in a sack. The outfits fit the dance, which is fun and silly and totally entertaining.

Rick & Cheryl

Sex-say! Both officers look worthy of a strip search. If only their Rumba had as much heat as their clothes.


The monkey suits

Once Bristol and Mark take off the suits they look adorable. Hot pink is the color of the week. Kyle & Lacey's wacky TV look works because they have the sass and personality to pull it off. Mark can pull off a Jive in a monkey suit, but Bristol is still too timid. And nothing is more awkward than watching someone look uncomfortable while doing something embarrassing. (See Michael Bolton.)

Audrina & Tony

Audrina probably looks lovely underneath that sheet. They seem to be mandatory wit the Rumbas, for some reason, even though they seem to obstruct view of the dancer's hip movement. (Is that the point?) Plus, the bottom half of her sheet appears to be tucked into the bottom half of her pink two-piece like some kid of underwear bib. That's just weird. And somehow Tony ended up with an ill-fitting light pink silk shirt that doesn't work with the color and fabric of the pants.

Anna's dress

Oh, Russian Barbie, what went wrong? Usually Anna is pitch perfect, but this week she wears a pastel pink, blue and silver dress with a crazy busy bodice and a bizarrely feathered skirt. A rare miss for the elegant lady who excels at simplicity.

10.20.2010 / 07:23 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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