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Dancing With The Stars

DWTS Season 11, Week 5: Florence Henderson Is Eliminated

Each week, someone has to stop flirting with their former TV stepsons on Dancing with the Stars. Let’s look at who had that dubious honor on the Season 11, Week 5 Results Show.

Losers: Florence Henderson & Corky Ballas

Flo got screwed. She should call David "The Sledgehammer" Hasselhoff and sue. Or maybe just buy some Easy Steps so she can dance at home. Hey, it comes with the free gift of Derek Hough and she does love younger men.

It was pretty much inevitable that a Ballas was going to go home this week. We were banking on it being Mark Ballas, because of his low-scoring partner, Bristol Palin. But it turned out to be his lovable papa, Corky Ballas, who remains younger than Bobby Brady in mind, body, and soul. We will miss Team Florky tremendously.

Having said that, we can't really call their TV Theme Week Tango a real Tango. As Bruno Tonioli said, it looked fabulous in the beginning and then fell into rag doll mode. Carrie Ann Inaba called Florence "a sexy senior" but she lost her timing in some of the moves. Len Goodman said she was a bit too frantic in parts but, all in all, "that's possibly your best dance so far."

So she goes out on the top. The 76-year-old charmed millions of viewers at home and at least two of the Brady boys. Len reminded her that she got here on merit; it was not a fluke. She can dance.

As Brooke Burke said in the exit interview, Flo has been a fan of the show from the beginning. Did it live up to her expectations? Florence: "Well, you know, I have been in television for over 50 years. And I have to say, in all honesty, that this is one of the best produced shows I've ever been on. I truly mean that. The best crew, the best hair, makeup, costumes, even the judges are the best. Brooke, Tom, the music and most of all this darling man, Corky Ballas." (Aww!)

Tom Bergeron said he's known Florence a long time and he loves her childlike glee. Flo: "I've loved the show since it began. It's just a tremendous show and I hope I've inspired people to get up off their behinds and move and dance and live and enjoy life." That you have, Flo. You've also inspired us to flirt shamelessly with younger men. Thank you for your tutelage!

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