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Exclusive Q & A With Nikita’s Aaron Stanford

There may be a few glitches in Shadownet, but Aaron Stanford (Birkhoff) isn’t letting any Nikita secrets slip! The actor remained tight-lipped on any show spoilers. Still, we were stoked for the chance to sit down with him and get in a quickie... interview. Ahem. All we’re saying is, we’d love to see Birkhoff take out some unruly recruits with a ninja sword.

It seems like everyone at Division has a dark past. Can you tell us anything about Birkhoff's background?

I can't actually tell you about anything specific about Birkhoff's past. What I can tell you is this: nobody gets into Division by playing by the rules.

What would you like to see happen to Birkhoff this season? What's your
ideal character arc for Birkhoff?

I would like to see Birkhoff get out into the field for any reason whatsoever. He needs some sunlight. He's getting pasty.

Are you a nerd in real life? What's the nerdiest thing you can do?

I like The Lord of The Rings and ninja swords. Does that count? I think yes.

Where did you get your inspiration for the role?

River Phoenix in Sneakers, and Max Perlich in Drugstore Cowboy.

You've become Wetpaint's official Nikita crush. But do you have any on-set crushes? What about celebrity crushes?

Birkhoff has enough love to spread around to all his girls. He doesn't play favorites.

Way to dodge the question, Aaron! Don't worry, you're still our favorite IT guy.

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10.20.2010 / 12:57 AM EDT by Emily
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