Get to Know the Music From Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, Episode 4
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Grey's Anatomy

Get to Know the Music From Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, Episode 4

Grey's famed music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas has introduced us to some of our favorite artists, and the hits just keep on coming in Season 7. For makeups, breakups, and those cringe-inducing surgeries, check back every week for our weekly roundup of the music from Grey's Anatomy.

Artist: Walking Sleep
Song: "Don't Be Fooled"
Album: Measures
Scene: The roommates struggle to peacefully cohabitate.
We don't have to be honest
We could say we're fine but there's no use lying
Don't be fooled while the rain is drying
If we stay there'll be more just like it.

Jenna Andrews
Song: "Tumblin Down"
Album: Tumblin Down - Single
Scene: Patient Ivan, a biologist, tries to worm his way out of an unfortunate situation, as Cristina threatens to throw away his years of research.
It’s like my early morning sun’s gone
And my night’s stay
Day by night, night by day
It’s hello predators, I’m feeling like a prey.

Song: "Further"
Album: Further - Single
Derek and Meredith discuss their less-than-promising test results, and Cristina plans a big surprise for Owen.
If I can't let this go
I'm telling you I won't make it another year
If I go all the way
I'm telling you I can see all these things coming clear.

VV Brown
Song: "Refresh Me"
Album: Unreleased
Scene: Owen performs an operation on Larry.
And we do whatever we wanna do
And we say whatever we wanna say
We be however we wanna be
We feel however we wanna.

Artist: Joshua Radin
Song: "You Got What I Need"
Album: The Rock and the Tide
Scene: Patient Jake, a dancer, desperately tries to convince the doctors that he needs to keep his leg.
When I see you, it's a beautiful world
But when you're gone, I want you in my arms
I'm telling you the last time.

Artist: Matthew Perryman Jones
Song: "Until the Last Falling Star"
Album: The Distance In Between
Scene: Meredith insists on running some genetic tests, while Teddy and Jackson share a moment.
If there was a chance that we could be lovers
I'd write you a book of handwritten letters
And burn them all up to the end
Just to start over again.

Listen to all the tunes here:

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