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America's Next Top Model

Kacey Says the Girls Got Her All Wrong

It's no surprise that Kacey didn't make many Top Model friends after she publicly humiliated Lexie during casting and then proceeded to annoy the girls in the house by not cleaning up after herself. She spilled to Wetpaint in an exclusive interview that she embraces the Lexie drama because Lexie is giving her free publicity, but what's she think about how the girls received her in the house?

“The way I look at is I am a solo person.," Kacey tells ET. "I don't mind being by myself. I can entertain myself. I don't need to have a circle of friends around me to be content. I am an independent person. I guess that alone rubbed them the wrong way, knowing that I didn't need a companion in the house. I was actually cool being by myself. Maybe that came off as ‘she doesn't care,’ or ‘she just thinks she is it.’ They read it so wrong. Other than that, I don't know why they disrespected me so much. I tried to turn that into a positive and just have that be fuel to my fire.” All the catfights fueled Kacey enough to skyrocket her straight out of the competition after an underwhelming photoshoot with Patrick Demarchelier, during which she was repeatedly called out for her dead eyes. Kacey says the photo shoot flop isn’t necessarily dashing her modeling hopes. In fact, she excelled in the Cover Girl promotional challenge and actually won it, prompting her to pursue commercial acting in her ANTM-alumhood.

Says Kacey, “For me, it just shows that I am diverse. I can do different things. I feel when it comes to photo shoots, it might be my weaker area, but I still feel like I can excel in that. When it comes to commercials, I have learned that that is my stronger area. For me, I look at it as being a well-rounded model. I can do a lot of different things.” For now, Kacey’s working her model charm, an area several of the other ANTM contestants are lacking in (ahem, Anne), and running the commercial circuit in LA. So much for a high-fashion career for this Top Model hopeful.

Source: ET Online


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10.20.2010 / 02:00 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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