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Grey's Anatomy

Sarah Drew Wants to See April Lose It

Since Dr. April Kepner was busted by her fellow Seattle Grace docs for still carrying around her V-Card, Sarah Drew admitted it would be nice for her character to have a love story on the show. Says Drew, “I want to see it happen in a really beautiful, tender, innocent, blossoming kind of way. I want her first time to be something that is special and I want it to be kind of like achingly sweet and beautiful." Well, we guess that means Karev’s out of the running for potential de-flowerer.

But, Drew confesses, it’ll be tough going for shy, awkward April. "I think she's a perfectionist and she's poured absolutely every ounce of everything into becoming the best doctor she can be,” speculates Drew. "In doing so, she sort of neglected the social aspect of life a bit, and I think that's probably a bit of a defence mechanism for her. So she's got a lot of insecurity when it comes to friendships and men and love and all that stuff. I think she is completely clueless in those areas." Uhh, we’ll agree with her on that one. Although, thank Shonda that the painful crushing-on-McDreamy phase is over for April. If we had to see her fall to pieces whenever Derek so much as flickered his baby blues in her direction one more time, we probably would have started hating her. And she is sort of precious. Plus Meredith likes her now, which somehow makes her sickly sweet character slightly more palatable.

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