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Jersey Shore

Tweet Treats: Best Plan Ever

Sometimes, you have an awesome plan, but life throws an obstacle in the way and ruins it. A new couch you can't get up the stairs, a cute dress that rips when you put it on, you know the drill. If you're clever, you'll find a solution. But if you're Snooki... Well, sometimes the solution is worse than the problem.

@Sn00ki (Nicole Polizzi): I bought me a beanbag ;) sickk Okay, a leopard print bean bag chair isn't the most fashionable thing ever, but it's very Snooki. We can see why she's excited.

@Sn00ki (Nicole Polizzi): Ok this beanbag does not fit in my car. So basically I'm guna hold it out the window to get this thing home Well, that sounds safe.

@Sn00ki (Nicole Polizzi): My beanbag looks like a huge pile of cheetah sh*t...not sure I like it as much anymore -_- Wait, are you telling us things get dirty when you hold them out of the window while driving through New Jersey? Who'd have guessed. Great plan, Snooks!

Fortunately, our favorite guidette has some good news, too:

@Sn00ki (Nicole Polizzi): Omg my boyfriend made me a pickle pancake...yeahhhh he's amazing! How...romantic.

@Sn00ki (Nicole Polizzi): Get real everybody , if you love pickles like I do, pickles are good with anything. Let me liveeeE! :) This isn't the first time the rest of the world hasn't understood you, Snooki. You stay true to yourself, girl.

10.20.2010 / 02:56 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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