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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Battle of the Housewives: Taylor vs. Kim

Saying that the Housewives are on the verge of a smackdown at any given moment is like saying that Oreo cookies are delicious — in other words, no one is going to disagree with you. Each week, we pick the two Housewives who really had it out for each other, and then we predict how far the feud it will go this season. Here’s our pick for Episode 1.1. Things could get ugly!

The Contenders: Taylor and Kim

Intensity of Their Battle So Far: 2 (out of 10).
We’re in totally tame territory thus far, with the biggest affront being that they ignored each other at the basketball game. Heck, the players themselves are usually much more aggressive than that during the actual game!

Chance of an Epic Smackdown:
6 (out of 10).
Neither one has seemed super-confrontational yet, but a throwdown between these two feels sorta like the prospect of Lindsay Lohan posing nude in the next few years — it’s bound to happen.

Who Would Win:
Kim somehow thinks she’s better than just about everyone (and probably even feels superior to actresses whose fame lasted beyond 1978). On the other hand, Taylor would seem reluctant to really let the fists fly. She would be too concerned about damaging her (very expensive) face.