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Jersey Shore

Wetpaint’s Exclusive Interview With Samantha the (Moaning) Canadian From Jersey Shore

It was the moan heard 'round the world! A few episodes back, The Situation brought sexy Canadian Samantha back to the house for a little how-do-you-do smush. Those few seconds of infamous moaning have transformed Samantha from a reality-TV punchline into a veritable phenomenon du jour. We recently sat down with the college student-turned-model to chat about her time in Miami, the real Situation, and what her family thinks of her, ahem, noisy bedroom antics.

Tell us about college, and how you ended up in Miami.
I’m completing my final year. I’m getting my degree and diploma; my degree from university in media studies, and my diploma in public relations. I was in Miami on vacation — just, you know, partying, having a good time with my friends, and we happened to be there in the same club as Mike. I was just walking by the bar, if I can remember — I had a couple drinks in me [laughs] — and Mike just kind of approached me and was like "Hey, what's up? How're you?" And we just met like that — just like how you see it on the show, except obviously the show has edited it way down. We talked for a long time, hung out, and I just hit it off with him really well. We had great chemistry.

What did you know about Mike before you met him?
I saw Season 1 very briefly — I'm not very into reality TV at all. So you know, I didn't know too much about him, to be quite honest. I had an idea of Jersey Shore and I knew he was on the show, but it didn't really bother me at that particular time. It didn't occur to me that the whole nation would be watching it!

But you're studying media studies! Surely you had some idea?
Well you know, I did — but in that kind of environment, in that setting, in a club — when you're on vacation and you're having a good time and you have drinks in you — you're just more concerned about having fun, you know? And especially if you're meeting someone who's just such a great person, and definitely a charming person, and you hit it off with them really well. Like I said, in a clubbing environment, you don't really think too much about where this is gonna end up.

OK, let's jump ahead to the slightly uncomfortable-to-talk-about moaning scene. When you watched that on TV, what was your reaction?
You know, the thing is, is that I thought it was really funny. It was pretty funny, because there's a lot more to what happened than what was aired on the show. For example, Mike took me out to dinner, he ended up calling me back after the whole thing. He and I just hit it off really well, and he was such a gentleman. I mean, I thought it was pretty funny! I mean, if you're having a good time with somebody, and they're pleasing you, you're bound to make some kind of noise, I would think!

You've tweeted that your grandmother, after watching the episode, is somewhat disappointed in you. Was this a big deal for your family?
It was a very, very big deal for my family. It's a huge deal for them. They're not happy about it at all, whatsoever. They think it's embarrassing, it's humiliating. And this is because they are very traditional people, they come from a very, very traditional cultural background — from my mother's side, anyway. And it's my mother's parents, my grandparents who raised me, and they're not very accepting of that kind of lifestyle. And for them to have seen me do something like that, they would have much rather had me be more private about that. And you know, I totally understand where they're coming from. Personally, I'm not the type of girl to go out into a club and just meet somebody the first night and go home with them, or start making out with someone. I actually don't do that at all, which is kind of funny. But with Mike, for some reason, I just has great chemistry with him. He was just so amazing that — you know, when I feel like something is there, there's sparks, something special, I'll do what I feel in that particular moment.

Do you mind if I ask you what your cultural background is?
My father is Irish and Scottish-Canadian, and my mother is from the Fiji Islands.

What happened after that episode? Were you and Mike in contact much?
Yes! You know, I just had such a great time on the show. I hung out with Pauly, Vinny, Mike — and I kept in touch with them, and I thought that was great. Because I think they respected me a lot, they thought I was such a cool chick. And I think the one thing to note with Mike is, he's going to treat you how you present yourself to him. He's going to act accordingly. So if you're a nice person, you're generally nice, and you show yourself in a certain light, like he should take you seriously, then he's gonna treat you like that. He treated me amazing. I think on the show you'll see with other girls, he tried to kick them out of the house and all that sort of thing — he never once tried to do that with me at all. And like I said, he called me back numerous times after, we kept in touch, he introduced me to his best friend, and his family, which was very nice, you know? And I don't think he's done that with any of the other girls he's met on the show.

It seems as though you and Mike sort of went down a romantic road, but that it was a dead end. Would that be fair to say?
You know, I love Mike. Sometimes I think people, most of the time when I'm tweeting, they think I always refer to him. And sometimes I'm referring to other people who are involved in my life. Sometimes I don't specify. But automatically the people who are following me just obviously assume that it's Mike. And the thing about Mike and I is that we're very, very similar people. I was in LA last week, and he said to me, "You know what, Samantha? We're just very similar people." And that's why him and I get along so well. When I was there, I saw how busy he was; and I wanted to sort of pursue a relationship with him. And I meant to talk to him about that, and he knew — he cares about me, and I care about him — but I realized from being there and seeing how hard he works, and how busy he is that, you know, it's just not the right timing. Friendship is more appropriate. And like what most people think, that Mike lives this totally Jersey Shore lifestyle — no he's not. He's not going out and hooking up with a new girl every night. He doesn't have time for it. He's working his ass off — excuse my language — he works his ass off, and he's tired. He's working hard. He's almost like the opposite of what you see on Jersey Shore.

Was it your first time in LA?
Yes, it was my first time.

And what did you think of it?
I loved it! There was a little bit of madness with the paparazzi — but you know what, I loved it. I loved meeting all these people, I loved — the whole experience was great, Mike's condo is great, Mike's great. It was a fun experience.

Tell us something about Mike that might surprise our readers.

Man, you know what, I wish you all could see, I mean — Jersey Shore is, like, not a good reflection on Mike. It's not even — it's just like this little side of Mike. I think, personally, that...I don't even know what to say. Like, Mike is such an amazing person. He's so friendly. But I can tell you what shocked me a little bit. There were some nights in LA, he just doesn't sleep! And I know he has ADD — Ronnie has even said it on the show, that he has ADD — and sometimes he just doesn't sleep for like, 48 hours. He's just working, and awake. He doesn't sleep, he's constantly doing something, like working on something. And he just works so hard, you won't even imagine. And that kind of came as a shock to me. But I just think that, with Jersey Shore, it's just like — he even says in some interviews — it's like a little keyhole into who he really is. And he's just such a good person. And maybe from Season 2 — because that was shot earlier this year — he has even changed and grown and realized a lot of things. I mean, people constantly change in life, right?

Surely you've seen the past few episodes of Jersey Shore, though. Mike's come across as a bit of a misogynist, and a bit of a bully.

Yes, I understand. And who knows what was going on in his life at that particular time. None of us really know. We only see what they choose to show us. And, to be quite honest, sometimes I think when you're put in certain environments, you feed off the people around you and their energies. It depends on who you're with. And sometimes I think the other roommates in the house maybe exert this kind of attitude and energy on him, which causes him to react a certain way, you know? I'm not gonna say that "Oh, it's their fault that he's like this" — no, that's not what I'm gonna say at all. But sometimes, you don't realize how you're acting and what you're doing in certain moments, you know what I mean? And it's not until after the fact that you look back, you reflect. I mean, he's stuck in a house with a bunch of roommates, and then they all have their own issues, to be quite honest — there's not too much positive, I think, going around in that household — there's always some sort of drama, right? And you know, it's tough when you don't have your family and friends around to be there, right? And I think Mike, Mike just wants — Mike is just that kind of guy, he just wants love. He just wants love from everybody.

Speaking of hard working, you've personally managed to transform what was essentially 15 minutes into something a bit more substantial.
It's actually really unexpected [laughs]. Honestly, I didn't want fame out of this, I didn't expect that, I was just having a great time with Mike. He's a great person, and that's all that really matters to me. And I think it's the combination of timing and everything, and maybe my moaning added some extra things to it, and Canada, I don't know! And I ended up going to LA right when the show aired. So, somehow this all got blown out of proportion, in my opinion.

Tell us about the Moan-Tone Ringtone.

Moan-Tone, yes! You know, since so many people know who I am, I figured let's do something with it! Everyone seems to love the moaning, and it's a trending topic on Twitter — so I was like, let's create an exclusive Moan Tone Ringtone, which is what I'm going to be launching by the end of this year.

What have you learned from the past few months?
I've just learned that you've got to have thick skin in this kind of business. You've got to continuously be positive. And people in life are always going to put you down, and there are people who don't even know a damn thing about you, they don't know you up close and personal, and this is just how the world is. And you have to continuously be positive, don't let negative things get to you. I have personally — when all these negative articles and just ridiculous things came out — I read it, and I felt terrible reading it, because it just was not a good look. But at the same time I understood, maybe, that this was going to happen, and I kind of prepared myself for it. And now, I don't even bother to read negative things. I don't associate myself with that. I'm just more concerned with, what do I want out of life? Which direction do I want to go in? How am I going to benefit from this experience with Mike? What can I do with this? Because obviously a lot of girls, a lot of people, would like to be in my shoes right now. It's not everyday that someone gets on a reality TV show for a quick snap, and gets all this, you know, fame, or sort of attention. I think the most important thing for me out of this whole thing is that I learned a lot about myself, too. I learned how strong I am as a person, and that I can be in this business, you know? I don't sit here and sulk over what people say, I pretty much just brush it off and move on with life.

10.21.2010 / 10:19 PM EDT by Joe Roch
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