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Jersey Shore

Snooki’s New Boyfriend: Jionni LaValle

Snooki has rather cryptically (and rather nauseatingly) been tweeting about a new beau in her life, and, just after she shot down a dating reality TV show offer, the identity of her new man was revealed. The lucky guy is Jionni LaValle, and it looks like he fits Snooki's new criteria of less juicehead, more Wall Street. Says a source close to Snooki, "She wasn't sure about him at first and kept asking her friends what they thought of him. She was hesitant because he isn't the typical gorilla." The two made at appearance at New York City restaurant Butter earlier this month, but their first official outing was at a Pennsylvania club appearance Snooki booked. Daddy dearest seems to approve as well, as Snooki tweeted, "My dad and boo are bonding. Oh just another 3 hours of this," as they were driving to PA.

So besides LaValle's attitude adjustment, what else drew Snooki to him? Simply put, he wasn't Emilio. Says Snooki's friend, "Emilio was always trying to be all in the photos and making it about him and her when it was fan shots. Jionni is great. He is so quiet and isn't trying to be in the spotlight." Well, we're glad Snookers found someone who can let her do her thing without getting in the way. But, this probably means he won't run to Angelina once the two break up. It's probably also safe to bet we won't hear reports of him getting smacked in the face with a microphone in the club.

Snooki even seems to have wifed her man up, tweeting a pic of the breakfast he cooked her one morning. What delectable dish did LaValle whip up for his sweetie? Pickle pancakes, of course. We say gross, but Snooks says "amazing."

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