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Grey's Anatomy

The Grey’s Anatomy Mommy Clique: Ellen Pompeo Too Happy to Cry

The Mommy (and Daddy) Clique on the set of Grey's Anatomy recently dished about their growing Grey's brood, and what it's like keeping up with the tykes on set. Jessica Capshaw will soon give birth to her second child and her character Dr. Robbins is scheduled for a two week break from the series while she's on maternity leave. Capshaw thanks the super supportive writing team and cast of actors for her ability to take off to play Mom for awhile. She calls the show a relay race, saying, "In a way, if you look at the arc of the whole season, you end up having six or seven episodes where you are really heavy in them, but then in the rest of them, you are there and keeping storylines alive. It is kind of like a relay, we hand off to each other." She says it's thanks to this writing style that she's able to bow out for a few episodes.

Chyler Leigh was the most recent Grey's mom to give birth at the end of Season 5, but, luckily, she was able to hold out until the show went on hiatus before she popped. "She was 8-1/2 weeks when I came back," Chyler says of her daughter. "It was feeding her and literally be here, run back, feed her, run back and spend time with her because I had her in my trailer. That was challenging."

Chandra Wilson loves seeing the tots on set though, saying, "Our babies are around and we get to see everybody grow and progress and everybody's personality. It feels good to say we have been here long enough to grow families."

Ellen Pompeo, however, blames baby Stella Luna for one particular acting challenge she's faced since her daughter's birth. Says Pompeo, "The thing is since I had Stella, it is so hard to cry because I am so happy. She makes me so happy. It is like every day is Christmas and I don't want to cry. I have nothing to cry about. I used to be able to cry at the drop of a hat." Lucky for Pompeo, Meredith's dark and twisty storylines seem to have scaled back since the old days of tequila-induced solo dance parties.

Fine, fine, fine. But when is someone's character going to have a baby? Shonda?

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10.21.2010 / 03:18 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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