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Dancing With The Stars

Tweet Treats: Bye, Florence

We were a little shocked when Florence Henderson went home last night. She wasn't a particularly strong dancer, but Bristol has been consistently worse for the past few weeks. Even Florence was surprised that she went home before the teen activist. But hey, that's how Dancing With The Stars goes. We know we'll miss Mama Brady's saucy attitude and sexy (sometimes too sexy) dancing. What does the DWTS cast have to say about the latest elimination?

@therealjgrey (Jennifer Grey): So sad to lose Florencce from @abc_dwts#DWTS, beautiful, classy lady. We will miss her so much. You go Flo! Classy isn't exactly the word we'd use for Florence "has to ask her daughter what's appropriate" Henderson.

@brookeburke (Brooke Burke): omg...such a sad show. It's always hard to lose the ones with the best attitude and biggest heart!!!!! :( don't miss the DWTS moment We agree, Brooke. Though is this a subtle jab at Bristol's attitude?

@Rickafox (Rick Fox): Sad 2night Florence and Corky were the first couple Cheryl & I showed our week 1 dance 2 @ practice--blood, sweat, and now my first tear! So, no tears for The Hoff?

@MarkBallas (Mark Ballas): Thank you so much all you team Ballin fans we love you. Thanks for keeping Bristol and I alive :) xx Sad for my dad tho... :( Oh come on, what kid doesn't secretly love to beat their parents?

@4everBrandy (Brandy Norwood): Happy to be safe tonight and to trend a little while on twitter! Thank you God! Sad to see Florence go though:( very emotional:( We think it's a little impolite to point out you were a trending topic. Just saying.

@CorkyBallas (Corky Ballas): Got home from Jimmy Kimmel LIVE, and thanks to anyone that supported us, and those that didn't thanks for being you TOO :) Florky:) What? This doesn't even make sense.

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