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Grey's Anatomy

Who Is Jesse Williams’ Fiancee?

We recently showed you some cutesy pics of Jesse Williams and his fiancee, Arin, and your curiosity has been piqued. So who is she, anyway? Details aren't exactly ripe for the picking, probably because the Grey's Anatomy star wants his private life kept pretty private, but we've gleaned a few tidbits of info.

1) She's a real estate broker.
2) She and Jesse currently reside in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.
3) She's the one who got Jesse to first watch Grey's.
4) She always looks on the bright side of life. “I’m really glad I have her for that — and for many other reasons,” Jesse tells “She’s the optimist to my pessimist. We balance each other out.” Sounds to us like they both lucked out.

Source:; New York Post

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