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Grey's Anatomy

Are You Ready For ‘Grey’s In the Jungle’ aka ‘Off the Map’?

Are you jonesing for more Grey's-grade drama in your TV schedule? Are you, perchance, also missing LOST? Well, Shonda Rhimes has come to your rescue, producing a new series affectionately nicknamed "Grey's in the jungle!" The new series, Off the Map, is scheduled to premiere in early 2011. Off the Map follows a group of docs just as dark and twisty as Meredith and Cristina ever were as they escape their lives back home to save some in the South American village La Ciudad de las Estrellas. The whole series is shot outdoors in Hawaii (there's your LOST fix, folks), allowing for some crazy medical procedures, including C-sections by candlelight, and a bizarre suturing technique involving Amazon army ants. Shudder. Rhimes prefers to think of the series as "Indiana Jones with scalpels." She adds "It's basically your dream and nightmare vacation all in one!"

And, if you can't get enough Grey's gore, Off the Map creator Jenna Bans says, "It's chock-full of things you haven't seen on medical shows before." And Grey's has shown us a lot. The series promises just as many hunky male docs as we see on Grey's Anatomy. But mostly, we're excited to see those male docs get sweated up in the jungle. Scrub caps aren't exactly the best look for our favorite docs.

Source: TV Guide


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10.22.2010 / 11:40 PM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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