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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Cast Sounds Off On Their Newfound Fame

The cast of Jersey Shore, sans Angelina and The Situation, made an appearance on CBS's The Early Show to talk a little bit about their lives post-Shore as season 2 just ended. When asked if they regretted anything they did this season in front of the cameras, Ronnie was quick to hang his head over "the first five episodes." We're sorry, Ronnie, what was that? Dogging your loyal, albeit crazy, girlfriend and engaging in the most gruesome and gratuitous triple-kiss of all time on national television? Yeah, that's what we thought you said. Vinny regrets one particular hookup, and, surprisingly, it's not Snooki. "I had a couple sloppy nights," he admits. "One with Angelina." Yep. He said it.

One hundred percent happy with his portrayal in Miami was DJ Pauly D. "I'm glad the way I came off on the show," he said. "They made me look exactly the way I was. There's no script. I don't really have any regrets. They make you look exactly the way you are. That's the best part about it. We're just doing what we're normally doing anyways." Drinking like fish and sporting sunglasses in the clubs? Precisely.

Sammi pipes in, "I think it's amazing; I think we're all truly blessed." No one asked you, Sam.

Snooki says of her newfound fame, "It's crazy. We can't even go get a coffee or go shopping without people freaking out.”

Ronnie adds, "It hits you when you do morning shows, talk shows, movie awards. This is my life now. A year ago we were doing normal jobs or going to school."

If it's any consolation to the Jersey Shore kids, none of our lives will be the same, either.

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