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America's Next Top Model

Kendal Says Mr. Jay Made Her Feel Like a Bad Model

Recently booted ANTM contestant Kendal opens up to the LA TImes about how we didn't get to see her shining moments during photo shoots because the editing focused on Mr. Jay's mean streak. Portraying Vera Wang was difficult enough, she says, since she was pretty boring. Kendal would rather have been assigned one of the dudes: "I felt like with a guy you could do more to it; you can lean forward and really use your body. Vera Wang was very simple, very plain. I honestly think I could have done a better job as a guy. I could have used my body. Wang is just humble and sweet." Vera did seem to be a bit of a snooze-fest in comparison to some of the wacky characters the other models got to portray.

And, Kendal claims that she did try other poses for Mr. Jay, but nothing quite cut it. "What you didn’t see was that I was actually smiling in the last photo shoot. They just showed me looking lost. There was even a frame where I smiled and my model jumped, towards the end, but they just showed me struggling. They had me looking crazy. In the other shoots, too, Jay would say something nice and then something mean. They only showed something mean." So is Mr. Jay what brought her down? She spilled to us that he made her feel like a bad model. He might even have been the reason that she considered never modeling again after ANTM. Sounds like Tyra is a breeze compared to her silver fox of a friend...

Source: LA Times


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10.22.2010 / 11:01 PM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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