“Plan B” Postmortem With Taylor Kinney
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The Vampire Diaries

“Plan B” Postmortem With Taylor Kinney

Caution: If you have not watched "Plan B" yet, do not continue reading! There are spoilers ahead!

Farewell, hot werewolf. We barely knew ye. And by that we mean Taylor Kinney (Mason) was not half-naked nearly enough on The Vampire Diaries. We were looking forward to more of Mason's shape-shifting scenes.

Taylor tells E! he knew how long Mason was going to last in Mystic Falls and how much he had to do to make that time matter. "That's the build-up. So you get this character and you get in there and we build him up and hopefully, if you do your job right, the audience is affected," he says in a video interview. Oh believe us, Taylor — we were affected!

Now that Uncle Mason is gone, make room for Tyler (Michael Trevino) to have a big storyline. "We'll see a lot from Tyler," Kinney said.

But supernatural characters come back from the dead all the time! Could we see a return for Mason? "The one thing I remember reading when I got the script was, as long as Mason doesn't disintegrate into a pile of, like, goo he could possibly come back," Tyler says, laughing. "You never know." E! asked Tyler what he'd change about Mason if he were resurrected. "He'd be a supernasty beast that would kill everyone — he'd be so pissed off! I hope he'd have even more superpowers. [He should] come back from the dead with even more [power]."

Click here to watch Taylor's full E! interview and let us know what you think about Mystic Falls' latest victim!

Source: E!

10.22.2010 / 11:22 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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