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Grey's Anatomy

Sarah Drew Is the Greenest Grey’s Cast Member

Sarah Drew is quite the little environmentalist. The Grey's Anatomy doc recently made an appearance on the green carpet at the Environmental Media Awards, in support of green efforts in the entertainment world. Says Sarah, "I'm just excited to be able to be here to promote taking care of our planet. We've only got one and I really want to celebrate the people who are promoting it in a very, very visual way in the media, so I'm excited." To clarify: she's excited.

Granted, Sarah only learned about the organization once she got the invitation for the awards show from her publicist, but she seems pretty committed to green initiatives, herself, proudly saying that her family recycles, drives an eco-friendly Toyota, and has had solar tubes installed in her house to replace conventional light bulbs. The Grey's star even hopes to install solar panels once she can afford it. Well, we're sure that time will come soon, since she's the newest Grey's Anatomy regular.

What's Sarah's biggest environmental gripe? The inefficiency of public transportation in LA, of course. "I wish we had a better Metro system," she complains. "I would totally take the Metro if I could." Alas, she adds, "I'm not brave enough to ride a bike on the highway, unfortunately." Uhh, we don't think many people are, but we give her major props for becoming involved, anyway.

PS: Someone tell her stylist her hair looked spectacular.

Source: Ecorazzi


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