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Jersey Shore

Angelina’s Acting Debut

So Angelina wound up doing some pretty legit acting in a pretty legit promo for a pretty legit TV miniseries. Is it wrong of us to be impressed by this? The Jersey Shore star was part of a promo for IFC's 5-part horror series Dead Set, a reality spoof which follows people living safely and obliviously in a Big Brother house as flesh-eating zombies invade Britain. In the promo, Angelina goes on a date with one of the aforementioned zombies in a Blind Date-esque spoof. Granted the Jersey Shore star was playing herself, but she handled a script pretty well in front of the cameras. Without overdoing her already over-the-top personality, Pivarnick delivered a performance that was just Jersey enough to be hilarious without making our ears and eyes bleed. This is a skill the Situation has yet to master.

Said IFC spokesperson Marie Moore of working with Angelina, "She was enthusiastic, professional and took the script and ad-libbed with her own humor, it really worked!" She added, "We loved the idea of having a person involved from the hottest reality TV show, but we really hesitated because giving a script to a reality star can be problematic.” We think she's talking to you, Sitch.

Check out the promo to find out if the zombie gets in it with Angelina, or if she suffers a more gruesome fate. (We wonder if guidette brains taste like tomato sauce...)

Source: RadarOnline

10.25.2010 / 10:33 PM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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