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Castle Guest Star Lee Tergesen: “It’s Always Fun to Play Psychos”

Fans of the HBO series Oz still know and love Lee Tergesen as Tobias Beecher. But there's hardly a TV fan who doesn't recognize this classic journeyman actor from Army Wives, Homicide, Lie to Me, Law & Order, The Closer, House, Desperate Housewives. Whew!

Now he's playing Marcus Gates, a possible serial killer who gets under Det. Kate Beckett's (Stana Katic) skin, in tonight's "3XK" episode of Castle. Lee recently spoke to Daemon's TV about how he got involved with the show, what we can expect from his character and if he'll be coming back anytime soon.

"It’s always fun to play psychos," says Lee about his reaction when they told him about his character. "What can I say? It’s my stock and trade."

More irresistible was a reunion with Castle actor Jon Huertas (Det. Javier Esposito). The two starred together in the HBO miniseries Generation Kill. Well, And like any good journeyman, Lee welcomes work whenever it comes his way. "They asked me to do it, which is always a good thing," Lee jokes. What Lee likes about Marcus Gates is his intelligence. "He is a guy who’s very smart and sort of pops up and has killed someone," Lee says. "They realize that there are similarities between this latest victim and a series of other killings, the Triple X Killer. So they find me and start to question me but I’m very wily and I have an answer for everything. Somehow the more Beckett tries to corner me the more that I seem to slip away from her and she finds it unbelievably frustrating."

Lee's character is officially listed as "recurring," and he hopes you'll be seeing more of him, and he of the Castle crew. "That’s such a great bunch of people," he says. "Nathan [Fillion] is such a great guy. Ruben Santiago-Hudson [who plays Captain Roy Montgomery]. Everyone. I don’t know how [his return] is going to work or when it will work. But you never know." We have a feeling that Marcus, and therefore Lee, will be popping up again soon.

Source: Daemon's TV

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