Top 5 Most Ridiculous Moments of the Season 2 Finale of Jersey Shore
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Jersey Shore

Top 5 Most Ridiculous Moments of the Season 2 Finale of Jersey Shore

The season finale. We can’t believe it’s here, either. But you know what we CAN believe? That this batch of ridiculous moments are awesome and hilarious. After you watch, we think you’ll all become believers, too.

5. That can’t be good.
Just as the gang is about to ship out of Miami forever, a huge black crow decides to perch directly over them. As if its mere presence wasn’t ominous enough, it decides to make a horrifying sound as well. Tell ‘em, Snooks: “A crow starts quacking at us!” A quacking crow? Just in time for Halloween!

4. We guess there won't be any frog legs at the next Sunday dinner.
So you’ve just gone on a fan-boat tour of the Everglades, checking out gators, frogs, and other slimy creatures. What’s the best thing to have for dinner after that? Those animals, of course. We have to say, The Situation seems like the only one who really gets into it. It’s too bad his open-mindedness is punished on the ride home when he tosses his cookies.

3. What’s the best way to ruin the evening? How about this game.
We understand games are fun. We really do. But, come on. It’s your last night in the house when you should be going crazy and having fun, and then you decide to play some stupid “truth” game that’s inevitable going to end with a huge fight? It was awkward enough when The Situation calls Vinny a “follower." What followed later was even worse...

2. "That’s a Situation-some."
Like The Situation, we were proud of Vinny for “saying no to those hoes” at the club who were looking for a threesome. That was where our pride stopped, however. Because after that, Sitch decided to take those two girls into the bathroom right then and there in order to get to the business. We’d say we were grossed out by it, but that would imply we were even able to watch it go down. Gross.

1. Pauly Smash!
O.M.G. That was all we could think while watching Pauly freaking out on Jenni and Snooki after the whole fiasco that was “Fake”-Gate. Pauly is such a calm and collected guy that to see him freak out like he did was truly shocking. We think he was justified in feeling frustrated, however — he really didn’t say anything. That being said, we don’t think we’ll ever be able to remove that image from our brains.