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Jersey Shore

Wetpaint Exclusive Fan Q&A: Whitney Port Answers Your Most Burning Questions

Whitney Port, fashion designer and star of MTV's The City, has been busy jet-setting around the world — doing a Whitney Eve fashion show in Tokyo, a Grazia cover in Dubai, and charity work in Liberia. The busy star took some time out between international flights to answer some of Wetpaint fans' most burning questions about all things fashion on TV. Read on for her take on TV's best and worst dressed and her biggest style inspirations.

Look out for more posts from our girl Whitney over the coming months, and if you missed her very first Wetpaint blog post on Gossip Girl fashion, read it here!

Who do you think is the best-dressed character on TV? The worst? – baxertron4
I think the best-dressed character ever on television is Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. I love the way she takes something totally crazy and turns it into something super covetable. Serena from Gossip Girl would be a close second — she's feline, feminine, and utterly modern. And now for the worst. OK, the worst would have to be some of the Jersey Shore cast. While I give them props for taking some chances and showing off what they've got, they're kinda all over the place. There's definitely something to be said for over-the-top style, though... !
Credit: L to R: Girlie/Fame Pictures; Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images; Kevin Winter/Getty Images    
Do you model your personal style after any TV characters? – aranie1165
I constantly reference Carrie Bradshaw. I know it sounds cliche, but she's turned around the way young women think about everyday fashion. Who else could pull off a vintage white tuxedo jacket and Mickey Mouse tee to a fancy dinner in NYC? Genius!

Which TV character would you most want to dress up as on Halloween? – StyleVixn976
Ja'mie from HBO's Summer Heights High. I could pull off the outfit, but I'm not sure I could ever pull off her attitude!
Where do you get inspiration for your clothing line, Whitney Eve? – BieberFvr20107
I'm constantly inspired by my friends and the people around me. I take their very personal approach to fashion, remix it, and then add in touches of high fashion trends from the runway. I'm also inspired by street fashion — after all, some of the biggest trends were started there. Hippies, goths, punks, grunge, club kids, I'm looking at you!

Growing up, which TV character was the most influential on your style? – sWaHo0o08
Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, hello! This one needs no explanation.

If you could guest star on any TV show, which one would it be and who would you play? – SaCappa
Probably Top Chef — it'd be fun to guest star as a judge to see what they could create for me. I'm also curious about how that whole operation works before all the editing. Basically, I want to get all the behind-the-scenes deets first-hand while sampling some tasty amuse-bouche.

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