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The Vampire Diaries

Paul Wesley on Expulsion from All-Boys High School, Post-Vampire Plans

Paul Wesley is kind of a badass. Not in a Damon Salvatore way, but definitely not in a Stefan Salvatore way either. The Vampire Diaries actor has a spread in the October issue of Wonderland Magazine, where he talks about being expelled from high school, why TVD is such a hit, and what he wants to do when he's not playing Stefan.

Didn't you get expelled from high school?

I got into a little bit of trouble, was kicked off the ice hockey team and then kicked out of school. It was then that I really started acting, doing this workshop in Manhattan, and that's where I got lucky; an agent saw me and picked me up. I was young, man, about 15, and thought "All right, I'm just not going to go to school anymore." Actually I did graduate high school, but dropped out of college. Getting kicked out of high school was nothing that bad. Basically it was an all-boys Christian academy with a shirt and tie and no girls, so how could you not get into trouble? There were no women; what were you supposed to do? So they generally had enough of my frequent trouble making.

Why has TVD been such a success?

The evolution of the show is what's made it so successful. Actually, even with the pilot episode I thought we were establishing interesting characters — but if we hadn't kept evolving I think it might have become really old, really fast. There's a good balance of humor, evil, darkness and light and the characters are not one-dimensional. The show also has amazing cinematography and an awesome score. It becomes addictive, even for people who aren't into the genre. I have two younger sisters and oddly enough they were not followers of Twilight until they saw The Vampire Diaries. We have a lot of different followers, people like my dad, who are maybe not the target demographic, and my brother-in-law, for example, he watched it and totally got into it.

His post-TVD plans

There are no firm plans yet, but when we're on hiatus I'd like to play someone very different from Stefan — the opposite. Right now, the priority is the show, though if the right thing comes about, I'll try and do it. I would like to write screenplays, too. A friend of mine wrote a script a while ago and we ended up raising the money and putting on a play in LA, which I was in, and that was great. So we've written another screenplay together and I'd like to do something with that. As regards long-term ambitions for me, I'd like to live in Europe. So many cities appeal, but London I think is really cool.


10.26.2010 / 11:44 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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