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Spoilers: Castle to Revisit Beckett’s Mother’s Murder

It's time for Castle to get back to basics. Beyond the romantic banter between Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Det. Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) is the serious, underlying question "What happened to Beckett's mother?" On last season's "Sucker Punch" episode, Beckett faced her mother's murderer but the mystery remains as to why she was killed.

Castle creator Andrew Marlowe tells TV Overmind the show is planning an episode that deals with Beckett's mother's murder, to air in 2011. "It’s the thirteenth episode we’re shooting this year," Marlowe says. "We’re still trying to figure out when it’s going to air, but it’s probably around January or February. We’re definitely planning on that."

*Spoiler alert*
If you haven't finished watching this week's episode, "3XK," stop reading now and come back when you're done. *Spoiler alert*

Marlowe says we'll also revisit the "3XK" storyline, left open after the killer escapes. "How we ended ['3XK'] is interesting [because] it keeps the storytelling alive if it's something we want to revisit later this year or next year," Marlowe says. "The guy is still out there, though it's not going to be something that will be hanging over our characters' heads. We’ll go back to business as normal, but there will be a certain unease that this person could show up again anytime."

Source: TV Overmind

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