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Jersey Shore

Unexpected Moments of Jersey Genius: Season 2, Episode 13

We couldn’t believe there was any genius left in those brains after an entire season of tanning, drinking, partying, and fighting, but these guidos and guidettes defy science. In fact, they’ve managed to save some of their best knowledge for last.

Zoology. Snooki was VERY excited to get to the Everglades so she could perform some very serious scientific research. Or, as she put it: “I am so excited, because we are going to see the crocadillies!” They’re not alligators, they’re not crocodiles. They’re crocadillies. Why? Because Dr. Snooki says so.

Genetics. Crossing human DNA is not something to be taken lightly, but in the hands of Vinny, we feel pretty comfortable with it. He explains his logic about ordinary-looking girls as: “They’re okay. They’re not the prettiest girls in the world. But sometimes you mix two grenades, it might make one good-looking girl.” So then do two good-looking girls make a grenade?

More Zoology. Dr. Snooki returned later in the ‘sode to give us some handy info about crows: “A crow comes, and it starts quacking at us. Or, not quacking. What’s a crow do? ...” Well, as we’ve already established, Doctor, they can make any sound you want them to. Maybe from now on crows can shout Snooki! Snooki!


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Vinny Says "It Gets Better"

10.26.2010 / 11:36 PM EDT by Rich Piepho
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