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Castle Star Stana Katic Gets “Wild” in TV Guide

When Castle fans aren't repeatedly voting to get Nathan Fillion (Richard Castle) and Stana Katic (Det. Kate Beckett) on the December 13 cover of TV Guide, they should be reading the new TV Guide interview with Ms. Stana.

The hottest cop on TV admits to being a "wild card," not afraid to jump off a steep cliff in the Mediterranean or ride around on a motorcycle. She's also into bows and arrows. "I love, love, love archery," Stana tells TV Guide on a Castle break. "I took to it really quickly. There's just something fantastic about the moment of release when the arrow leaves the bow."

What Stana sees as "a little bit of the Zorba the Greek complex, where you just want to live life as fully as possible" just makes Castle creator Andrew Marlowe nervous. But instead of fretting over Stana as an insurance risk, her wild child nature is just being transferred to Beckett. Now Becks, too, can wear black leather and ride motorcycles (with her hot new boyfriend Josh).

"I'm so grateful because I believe any woman in some position of authority probably has an entirely different side to them [away from the workplace]," Stana says. "It's bringing about a more well-rounded character, somebody I can invest in as both an actor and a viewer." Stana tends to play smart, sexy characters, which is no accident. "I don't believe in weak women," she says. "I believe women in general are pretty powerful beings. I don't know anything else."

Read the full interview in the Nov. 1 edition of TV Guide.

Source: Live Journal

10.27.2010 / 07:58 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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