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Maggie Q’s Brush With a Hong Kong Sex Scandal

Though Maggie Q is a relative newcomer to Hollywood, she’s no stranger to scandal. In 2008, she got a taste of tabloid gossip when she was implicated in a string of leaked sex photos all leading back to Hong Kong actor Edison Chen. Chen, who dated Maggie Q years ago, took in his laptop to a repair shop. You probably know where this one is going: Chen’s computer had pictures of Q, along with eight other actresses he’d been attached to that were then leaked to the press. Really, Chen? You’re a movie star and you’re just going to hand over your laptop full of dirty pics to some random computer nerds? We kinda think this guy had it coming.

Luckily, Maggie fared far better than some of her fellow victims — the one picture of her that surfaced was comparatively tame and had no nudity. Bullet dodged! There’s nothing like a good sex tape to rocket you to stardom, but we’d rather Maggie get there the old fashioned way: kickin’ ass and takin’ names.

Catch up on all things Maggie Q:

10.27.2010 / 06:15 AM EDT by Emily
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