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Dancing With The Stars

Surprise! Audrina Patridge Eliminated on DWTS Season 11, Week 6

Each week, someone has to stop getting on Len Goodman's nerves on Dancing with the Stars. Let’s look at who had that dubious honor on the Season 11, Week 6 Results Show.

Losers: Audrina Patridge & Tony Dovolani

Okay, so we were wrong. Our pre-season picks are now officially kaput, except for #1 which could still be Brandy & Maks. B&M were the first ones to hug Audrina & Tony goodbye. Tony and Maks are longtime BFFs and no one was happier than Maks that Tony got a patient, supportive, talented partner after She Who Shall Not Be Named last season.

But it's over. No more leg waxing. No more onions. No more blank stares. No more getting on Len's nerves for not living up to potential. No more apologizing for the "intensity" that the judges (and everyone else) missed. Audrina & Tony had the second highest combined scores on Rock and Roll Week, after Brandy & Maks. So why didn't anyone vote for her? Was it because she danced first and sometimes the first dancers get forgotten? Was it because she had high enough scores that everyone figured she was safe? The judges challenged Audrina's Paso Doble — saying she needs to get into character and find her inner Eva Mendes or Eva Longoria — but they gave her 8s anyway.

Before the elimination was announced, and it was down to Jennifer & Derek (who were probably just decoys and never really in danger) and Audrina & Tony, the judges expressed their shock at seeing Audrina and Jennifer in the bottom.

"I can’t believe it, to be honest," Bruno said of Audrina in jeopardy. "She’s been incredibly good over the competition." Len was almost at a loss for words. "This is ludicrous that these two — one of these is going home is absolute nonsense." Americans and Brits like underdogs, he said, but we like justice more. And seeing top dancers go home is not justice.

Brooke Burke asked Audrina how surprised she was to be going home. What was going through her head? "I don’t even know," Audrina said. "I just know that I had so much fun this entire experience and I made such good new friends and Tony’s been such an amazing teacher. And I’m definitely going to be coming back to visit. And thank you for all the comments. I mean it did help, it’s motivation. And all the fans and the support. It’s been a fun journey."

Tony didn't get to share his love for Audrina, but instead of dancing we saw him give her another pep talk, like the one in the confessionals when she was crying over getting harsh comments from the judges. Tony said she danced her heart out for him and maybe that's a good note for them to end on. They were a good team. We'll always remember Audrina's beautiful Week 3 Waltz dedicated to military families. And we'll try to forget all the time she looked like a deer in the headlights. But now Audrina can go back to her boyfriend, which should make him happy, at least.

10.27.2010 / 07:54 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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