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America's Next Top Model

ANTM OMG Moments, Cycle 15, Episode 8

From mean girls on a runway to a big revelation on Venice Beach, there were several surprising moments last night. Here are the top 5 from Episode 15.8.

Would you mind being really mean?
Miss J pulled the professional models aside before last night’s runway challenge and asked them to try and break the contestants. When he told them, “We want to see these girls maintain composure after you give them a little bit of a jolt,” the pleased looks on their faces made us wonder if they would have raised any objections had he handed out actual stun guns.

4. Nigel let Liz have it.
Nigel the Commercial Director means business. This H2T Water/roller skating commercial was obviously designed to trip the girls up (in more ways than one), but Liz didn’t even try to be a sport about it. She laughed, mumbled her lines, and appeared completely unapologetic when Nigel pointed out that in the real world, she would’ve cost someone a lot of money. Yes, there were tears at panel later, but they were delayed.

3. Ann couldn’t stop falling.
Well, she called it: “Being tall on roller skates is not a very good combination.” Poor Ann. Lots of people lack grace when wearing shoes with wheels, but it was really her fear of the crowd that held her back. She was upset even before Nigel started rolling, and though it seems trite to say she just needed some confidence, a little might have gone a long way.

2. That model was just pretending to be crazy.
The professional models didn’t hold back with the nastiness during the Zac Posen show, but a few moments were so gloriously over-the-top, we wondered how the contestants didn’t realize it was a joke. When Chris asked one of them, “Do we pose here, or not?” the ol’ pro just started punctuating her response with curses to make sure her duties as an actress were fulfilled. We laughed. Chris, not so much.

1. Kayla opened up to Jay.
It was a very serious moment in the midst of a lot of silliness. Noticing Kayla’s discomfort while preparing for the commercial, Jay pulled her aside to see what was up. She revealed to him (and us) that the thought of working very closely with a male model was upsetting her because of sexual abuse in her childhood, abuse that she’d kept completely hidden until that very moment. While the conversation was obviously painful to watch (imagine how hard it must have been to have it), what really sticks in our mind is Kayla’s face just before it. You could see she was wondering if she’d finally have to start talking after being silent for so long. Heartbreaking.

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