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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Battle of the Housewives: Kyle and Kim

Saying that the Beverly Hills Housewives are on the verge of a smackdown at any given moment is like saying that Pop-Tarts are delicious — in other words, no one is going to disagree with you. Each week, we pick the two Housewives who really had it out for each other, and then we predict how far the feud it will go this season. Here’s our pick for Episode 1.2, “Chocolate Louboutins.” Things could get ugly!

The Contenders: Kyle and Kim

Intensity of Their Battle So Far: 3 (out of 10). Their battle would have received a 1 out of 10 (or maybe a 0.8 out of 10) if they didn’t finally disagree about Kim’s daughter’s living situation (i.e., something that actually mattered). Otherwise, all that grocery-store squabbling was pretty pathetic. It’s not a good sign when the biggest problem in your life is whether to buy butter or margarine.

Chance of an Epic Smackdown: 11 (out of 10). That’s right — apparently, this scale goes to 11. In fact, there would barely even be any show without one of these two complaining about the other. (We sometimes feel like we’re watching a show called The Real Richards Sisters of Beverly Hills.) There’s no doubt that a major smackdown between these two is just a matter of time, which would probably make a Tyson-and-Holyfield match seem tame. (Translation: They should protect their earlobes.)

Who Would Win: Kyle. Kim is way too timid to have a shot at taking Kyle down. And based on last week’s episode, we can imagine that Kim and Kyle would have a huge fight where they throw things across the room, and then Kyle would get mad at Kim for not cleaning everything up just perfectly after their fight!