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Jersey Shore

Snooki Never Meant To Be a Role Model

Well, that's a relief. Snooki dished recently about how overwhelming it is to be a Jersey Shore star, and how she never meant for anyone to see her as anything but herself. Unfortunately, after the editing monster rears its ugly head, Snooki can come off looking less than intelligent, and she wants to clear the air.

Says the pint-sized guidette, "It definitely wasn’t my intention to be a role model. I went into this just being myself and enjoying the experience. Obviously a lot of fans relate to me and I’m just a real person and everything that I go through is something that anybody else would go through. I think that’s why they relate to me so well. I’m such a strong person that I feel like they want to be a strong person as well." We encourage all strong females like Snooki to sound their barbaric "WAHs" in camaraderie. She doesn't deny the unflattering light in which she's been portrayed, though. "It’s a little upsetting that people think I’m just a crazy party girl because I’m usually a calm person," she insists.

She even has charitable intentions: "Doing charities for the animals [drives me], because I went to school to be a vet tech and I do have brains. Vet tech is very hard, and I was getting B’s and A’s. I don’t think people know that I actually can be a smart person even though I lack common sense sometimes." The pouf has a tendency to hide her brains, we suppose.

According to Snookers, Jersey Shore really does have a positive message people miss out on because of their hard-partying rep. "Our show is really based on family and togetherness. And even though we fight and we argue and we yell, we drink, we’re young, that’s what we’re gonna do. At the end of the day, we’re a really close family. People don’t see that...The editors, they only show the really crazy parts, but they don’t show the parts where we’re not drinking and we’re just being a family on a Sunday. You guys don’t see that, but we do." Fair enough. We only see the family dinners when they're super tense and awkward because Sammi refuses to eat anything but salad or Angelina is about to start a riot.

But, we invoke the memory of every Jersey Shore season finale to date (yep, all two of them) to remind you that at the end of the day, The Sitch will cook up some killer chicken parm, the girls will clean, everyone will hug and claim that they're all family, and someone will undoubtedly start a catfight.


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10.28.2010 / 11:38 PM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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