Wendy Williams Schools Angelina To Her Face
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Jersey Shore

Wendy Williams Schools Angelina To Her Face

Okay, so, admittedly, we're pretty hard on Angelina. But not to her face! Morning talk show diva Wendy Williams let Ange have it yesterday morning on her show, basically calling her a slut to her face and saying it was her own fault her mom wound up in the hospital. Angelina tried to get into her "I was so bullied I had to leave the show" spiel, but no-nonsense Wendy stopped her in her tracks.

When the Jersey Shore star started going into her mom's health problems as a result of the stress the show caused, Wendy swiftly cut her off, saying, "That's not [the show's] fault, though, that's your fault." (Yes, for those of you wondering, Angelina did look like she got punched in the face after that comment.)

Wendy didn't stop there, though. She continued, "Now a lot of the stress you caused yourself. If you'll remember, you've got an extremely hot temper. And aside from the temper, your mother is probably clutching her pearls because you got smushed by everyone in the house except for Ronnie!" Sorry, did we just step on the set of Jerry Springer? No? We're on a sassy but classy daytime talk show? Okay, just checking.

Angelina started shouting over and over again "Not true!" but it was no use. Miss Williams shrugged it off and insisted, "That's what we're led to believe." It's probably safe to assume Angelina won't be making anymore WW appearances. It sort of seems like Wendy fed her to the wolves a little bit, there. Man, we wish we had our own talk show we could book reality stars on just to yell at.

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